Mortal Kombat Legacy – Season 2

Mortal Kombat has been one of the biggest stalwarts in the fighting game genre for over 20 years and in its wake there has been several other projects tying into the fame and awesomeness that is the mythology. From movies to tv series, Mortal Kombat is no stranger to the big or small screen. In 2011 a longtime fan of both the games and movies, one Kevin Tancharoen decided to reboot the movies and to pitch his idea to Warner Brothers, he created a shortfilm titled Mortal Kombat Rebirth, a gritty and violent take that had not been seen in a Mortal Kombat movie before. He pulled in some big names such as Michael Jai White, Jeri Ryan and Ian Anthony Dale. The short film was praised by fans of the Mortal Kombat franchise and it was hoped that Warner Brothers would pick up this hopeful director’s idea and run with a movie.

Instead of a movie, Warner Brothers greenlit a web series in the form of Mortal Kombat Legacy, which was slightly different to what Tancharoen had envisioned for the brutal fighter-turned live action series, however it had turned out to be far more popular than anticipated  and we have today seen the debut of the entire Season 2 of Mortal Kombat Legacy, which contrary to the events depicted in the first Season, which served as an introduction to the various characters and invitation to the tournament, now actually takes viewers to the popular tournament itself.

There are a few new faces that replaces some of the old faces from the first Season but they are welcome ones in the form of Casper Van Dien, Mark Dacascos and the big surprise (for me personally) was Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa who some of you may recall played Shang Tsung in the original Mortal Kombat film.

I won’t bore you with any further details. Instead you can watch the entire Season 2 of Mortal Kombat Legacy right  here and let us know in the comments what you think of this epic new season.

As a sidenote, we received news quite recently that Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat film is still on track and has reached Screenplay stage, so we should be hearing more about this film soon!

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