Would you be ticked off if you found your face in a video game?

Editor: Darryl Linington

While I should be doing a lot of important things at this moment in time… I find myself writing this opinion piece. Yip, what would you do if you came across a character that resembled you in a video game? Would you be ticked off, annoyed, or sue the hell out of the company that decided to use your unique facial features within their game?

I guess this is something that we don’t actually focus on… I mean who actually looks at a video game character and thinks, “Hey! That looks like my brother’s friend’s sister’s cousin!” I mean look at games like Grand Theft Auto and Fallout, or any other open-world title, there could be hundreds of NPCs walking around that actually resemble people in the real world.

video game characters
Who do you look like? And will you sue?

While the whole Ellen Page/Naughty Dog debate is in the past now, I still think that it would be rather epic to see myself, or someone I knew in a video game. Granted, permission is needed to use someone’s features; however, do you really think developers and publishers are going to search the globe to find someone who resembles their character and send off a form that states, “Hey! We used your face in our game, but please don’t sue us… thanks.” It would be impossible to do this unless you are famous or very well known.

Granted, if I did see someone that may resemble myself, or someone I knew, I would happily shoot off a mail to the publisher/developer involved and either say thank you, or demand some sort of compensation… I am still undecided though.

So, what would you do if you found yourself being featured in a video game without your permission? You can either let us know in the comments section below, or answer our poll. Up to you!

What would you do?

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  • Trebzz

    If a nobody like myself has to see myself in a game or someone who looks like me i would be rather happy 😀

    • http://www.itfgaming.com/ Darryl Linington

      I think it would be rather awesome.

      • Trebzz

        It’s mostly celebs that act all high and mighty and throw fits sadly.

  • Nicola Dee

    Seriously I’ve already been in a game… That one Storm trooper in Star Wars…
    lol no really, I’d not care. I’d be like OMG! but I wouldn’t be upset. Unless they made me a ‘tard…