What would you really pay for a Next-Gen console?

With rumours circulating regarding the price of the PlayStation 4, the question still remains: what would you really pay for a Next-Gen console?

When Nintendo’s Wii U dropped, it had a staggering price tag of R4599 for the premium pack (That is around 515.32USD for our international readers) at certain retailers.

While the price was high, many consumers made their way to retail stores in order to bag the console straight away. Now don’t get me wrong… if the price tag is indeed around 400USD (R3568) I do believe that I would be first in line to pick up two Next-Gen consoles; however, as each region has their own price setting, straight currency conversions won’t entirely be the actual price you will be paying.

Playstation 4

While no price has officially been set in stone for the next Xbox or the PlayStation 4… we would like to know what you would be willing to pay (realistically) for a Next-Gen console?

Feel free to comment in the comments section below.

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  • http://www.itfgaming.com/ Darryl Linington

    R4500 sounds fair; however, the R3568 sounds a hell of a lot better.

  • Monde K.

    R4500 is the highest I’m willing to pay. I just hope local retailers don’t put insane markups on the next batch of consoles. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets priced between R5000 and R5500 when they reach our shores. Hope we don’t get ripped off!

    • aldon

      Won’t spend over R4000 hey.

  • Mitchings

    I think 379 GBP, 479 USD, 47,000 YEN, 4400 RAND is fair.

  • Taylor Sykes

    Is this the actual console?