What The Walking Dead Survival Instinct could have been

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is one game that has been pretty much slated left, right and center; however, what if things were different? What if developers like Bethesda got a hold of this title before it was brought down to its knees and decapitated?

The Walking Dead

Let’s just say that as a fan of The Walking Dead I have had a few ideas of my own when it comes to a game for the series. Remarkably, Telltale Games developed a stunning title that was based around the comic book, which makes me wonder how Survival Instinct actually made the cut?

You see, I have always imagined The Walking Dead game to be more of a Fallout style title… I mean, the human race has pretty much been wiped out by Walkers within the series, so why not create a modern day wasteland where only a few safe areas exist? Additionally, a protagonist like Daryl Dixon would fit rather nicely into the theme… Granted his brother is a raving psychopath, but he is a character that has adapted to survive as well as show compassion at times of need.

Now if I was an artist I would be slotting in concept art at this very moment in time… but I’m not. So the visuals of Fallout may have to do for now.

The Walking Dead

Let’s face it, most movie/series based video games are generally horrible; however, The Walking Dead has so much potential when it comes to becoming an epic video game. Maybe Telltale Games had the right idea and nothing will ever exceed their rendition of the title, but there is still hope for a decent FPS/RPG style title, just not Survival Instinct.

Do you think The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct would have been better off in the hands of another developer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • NiteFenix

    I haven’t had hands-on time with this game yet, but I can and will agree on one thing. An FPS/RPG title set in the universe of the Walking Dead would be epic. Just imagine a game that starts you out as a character living a mundane suburban life…living through the Zombie Apocalypse and having to deal with the fallout (pardon the pun). Travelling from town to town in Georgia, meeting various other survivors, learning about their tragic stories. Creating bonds with some of them, killing others. All just to survive.

  • http://egmr.net/author/cavie Caveshen Rajman

    Telltale’s The Walking Dead did its own thing, though. To say it was based on the comic book would be to say that the AMC series was based on the comic book and so, transitively, Survival Instinct was based on the comic book as well.

  • xdvd

    I love Walking dead. Pity about this substandard game though.

  • Jaret ‘Jerry’ Stone

    im playing it atm and it doesn’t seem too bad, you have to remember as well that its a survival game (also the tv show has gone way off trail from the comics) not a fps or rpg it requires skills and patience to get through as if you make too much noise or go to fast you just get yourself surrounded by walkers and die. its a patience game, im hoping The Last of Us is going to be like this. in my opinion its an alright game, not the greatest but still a good play.

  • http://fancierthanthoupants.org McFancypants HD 3.0

    The DayZ mod is something I would have in mind, when it comes to a TWD game (well, aside from what Telltale did). Sandbox environment, factions to deal with and a sprinkle of zombies (okay, hoardes of them). But, I think where the game is supposed to really hit hard, will be in its story.