What happens if Sony does not reveal the PlayStation 4?

Editor: Darryl Linington

While chatting to some like-minded Gamers, the topic of the PlayStation 4 reveal came up. While some speculated on what the specs would be, others seemed to believe that the PlayStation 4 will not be revealed at all.

Playstation 4

But what will actually happen if Sony decides not to drop the bomb on its latest console? Will Gamers and media go into complete outrage… or just go back to their modern day-to-day lives? All I know is Sony needs to pull out something extremely magical, astounding and a god send to gaming if they do not drop information on its latest console.

The event kicks off at 11pm UK time, 6pm in New York tonight, and at 1am tomorrow morning in South Africa… Yes, time zones are awkward.

How will you feel if Sony does not divulge all when it comes to its latest console? Let us know in the comments section below. Additionally, watch the live stream of the reveal right here.

The Overlord, the master, the one who tries to get things done… I think they call it the “Editor-in-Chief”… I may even be cooler than Master Chief, but that remains to be questioned.

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  • Beanz777

    If we don’t get a reveal today I won’t be too disappointed, the PS3 will be good enough for another 2 years I think. Maybe launching it in 2014 would be better

    • Aiden

      I predict a riot, I predict a riot!

      • http://www.itfgaming.com/ Darryl Linington


  • Trebzz

    Well its something i am expecting as well all this talk about it being PS4 is just an assumption and until 1am we should not get our hopes up to high, talks about a new PS Vita and LBP3 or whatever they decide we will know in say 9hrs πŸ˜›

    • http://www.itfgaming.com/ Darryl Linington

      Only time will tell dude. Are you gonna pick it up on day one?

      • Trebzz

        You bet your ass i will be picking it up on day one πŸ˜€

        • Beanz777

          Day 1? For the aforementioned R5000?!

          • Trebzz

            Yep I have saved up for this from last year so I’m ready for it.

  • NiteFenix

    As a mutual acquaintance said…they are gonna have to introduce a magic floating car if it’s not the PS4 πŸ˜›

    • http://www.itfgaming.com/ Darryl Linington

      Must have been a genius πŸ˜›

  • Monde K.

    Then Sony better have something amazing up their sleeves. Not even announcing a plethora of new PS3 exclusives could spare them the embarrassment. Now, I’m no expert on this, but looking at their stock price, it doesn’t seem Sony is in a position where they can play around (hell, I remember reading at article saying that the the price rose after they made the announcement about the Feb 20 event).

  • CataclysmicDawn

    If the PS4 is not announced tonight, I will laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

    Especially at the rage that social networks will be abuzz with in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

    • Trebzz

      SHUT UP!!!!!!

  • Mr. Beard

    If there is no PS4 reveal, the seas will boil, the sky will be on fire and Chuck Norris will kick all kinds of ass like never before!

  • Tomahawk “Lightning” Jones

    We shall all take the Black and wage an unholy war on Sony.

  • DarthDiggler

    Considering all the major media outlets see a PS4 reveal as a forgone conclusion you are in the minority here.

    What if’s don’t make for good journalism.

    • Aiden

      Huh? Let’s be real, Sony has not announced that they will be unveiling
      the PS3. So I think Mr. Linington actually has a fair point. Think about
      it, all the hype has been generated by media and fanboys and no actual
      word from Sony. Oh and he was asking for opinions by the way :)