The PlayStation 4 could be as restricted as the Xbox One

Microsoft has finally come clean regarding everything related towards DRM and second hand games. However, once reading through the confessional, one tends to realise that the lockdown on second hand games as well as having access to an internet connection may not just be a Microsoft thing.

Xbox One was confirmed as requiring online check-ins once every 24 hours, and Microsoft confirmed that its console wouldn’t charge for used games at publisher’s discretion. < (Please take note of this sentence.) This means that if publishers are indeed in control of how their games operate on each console, then Sony and the PlayStation 4 would have to adhere to the same restrictions that Microsoft has been placed on the chopping block for… right?

Think about it, why would one console function completely different to its competitor… especially if the same publishers and developers are creating games for each platform? Logically, this means that Sony’s PlayStation 4 should feature similar restrictions as the Xbox One. Granted, Sony has not revealed all their cards yet; however, how can one console be restricted by DRM and second hand fees when the other is not? It just does not make sense.

While Microsoft has been in the line of fire from gamers across the globe… is it not time that we start focusing on the PlayStation 4 – as there is a massive possibility that the same restrictions that apply to the Xbox One may be implemented within Sony’s console.

While I may just be rambling on, it does make sense that both consoles will come with restrictions. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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