The landscape of Next-Gen has changed once again

With last night’s announcement by Microsoft, it would seem the Xbox One has re-secured it’s place as a guaranteed  purchase for consumers after many doubts by consumers over it’s DRM and used game policies.

There had been plenty of debates surrounding Microsoft’s controversial Internet check-ins as well it’s used game policy, which was firmly challenged by Sony’s reveal at E3 that they would in fact be sticking with the same policy’s that they had employed with the PlayStation 4’s predecessor, the PlayStation 3.

The announcement seems to be rallying former Xbox fanboys/fangirls back to their beloved platform, but will it be enough? We’ve slapped together a little poll for just that purpose. To see if in fact Microsoft’s U turn announcement has had any real effect on whether or not they will want to purchase the Xbox One now that the DRM and Second-hand games policies have been changed, or whether they would rather jump ship and pick up a PS4 instead.

The power as consumer is in your hands. Vote for your favourite console in the poll below. Multiple selections are welcome if you plan on picking up both, we would never force you to pick one over the other. When you’re done voting, please feel free to drop us a comment, explaining why you voted for the console/s you did.  Enjoy!

What would you do?

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