Smashing Launch Consoles: Pure Genius or Plain Stupidity

It seems as though there is a trend happening every time a new console is released. This trend is to pretty much stand in queue for hours on end, sometimes even days, pay a massive price for your shiny new console, and then smash the living hell out of it in front of a large crowd.

Smashing Launch Consoles

But the question still remains, why destroy something you have just paid for? Is it mainly to become famous on YouTube, or the fact that some people out there are just absolute morons and bored with life? Never in my life would I walk into a store and pay R6299/$400 for a brand new console, only to smash it in front of a crowd. This pretty much goes for any other appliance or electrical item that I am yet to purchase. Granted, if I did become a YouTube success that would be a bonus; however, how far are you actually going to get when all you did was smash a console?

What happens if no one records the smashing of your console? Chances are you have just blown a lot of money and ultimately feel like a rather large tit right now. So once again, what is the actual point of smashing a console at launch? Fame, fortune… stupidity?

If there was a super elite club that will accept me into their dungeon of darkness, which is filled with golden riches, fountains of beer and enough pizza to put me into a coma I would then consider smashing a console… but until then it’s not happening buddy.

What are your thoughts on smashing launch consoles… is it pure genius or just plain stupidity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Mike Jones

    well if you monetize it and the video goes viral you would make your money back plus a decent profit…and some people do just do it for the lolz alone….but since its been done so many times before its not very likely to go viral anymore…so….mostly stupid,with a chance of genius :)