One PlayStation 4 concept that Sony should look at

With all the news of a new PlayStation console being in development and Sony pegged to announce it between now and E3 this year, the hype is pretty dam high to be honest.

The internet has been flooded with design concepts… however we have come across one very awesome concept, of the PlayStation 4,  that really caught our attention.

Playstation 4 concept

Despite being designed to perfection, it also looks very realistic and Sony can definitely take a leaf out of this designer’s book.

Give us your thoughts on the design concepts in the comments section below.

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  • Matthew Loom

    Where would it fit next to my Xbox 360, PS3, Next Gen Xbox, Wii and Wii U? Just kidding. I only have an Xbox 360.

  • len

    Sony is no competition for Microsoft /XBOX


    GAMER X 666x