Movie based games are crying out for attention

Editor: Darryl Linington

While I have never been a fan of movie based video game titles, I somehow had a little hope for Rise of the Guardians… just like I had hope for many other titles that have been plagued by a rather mediocre development process. Wait let’s not say mediocre… let’s say unexceptional or downright ghastly development process. I will be honest, I quite enjoyed watching Rise of the Guardians on the big screen, which had a rather pleasant, inspirational and slightly dark storyline to it.

While I won’t go into the entire plotline of Rise of the Guardians… it is a film that is actually rather great; however, this opinion piece is not about Rise of the Guardians, it is about the potential that movie based games actually have. There have been plenty of horrific movie based titles; however, if the development process was not appalling, we could actually have A Grade titles that are actually playable, enjoyable and in-depth. Think of it this way… if movie based game were on par with gaming titles like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy or even Darksiders II then maybe these would actually catch some positive attention rather than being slated left, right and centre by media publications.

Movie based games are crying out for attention

There is just so much potential here… I mean I could imagine, for example, Rise of the Guardians being a magical, stylish and in-depth RPG title, third-person action title or even an A class adventure title with crystal clear graphics, a phenomenal storyline and graphics that will make your mind quite honestly explode! I just don’t get why movie based games are always just horrible, unentertaining and seem to be patched together quicker than a rag doll found in a storm drain. This is just so disappointing to experience over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong, not all movie based games have been the redheaded stepchild of their movie counterparts; however, there are so few of them that I could actually count them on one hand. I mean look at the Lego titles… they are massive, colourful and contain large amounts of comical mischief. The same goes for the Spider-Man titles and even old school titles like Blade Runner and Terminator.

Let’s face it, movies take months and even years to create, direct and produce; however, it seems that their gaming counterparts have been slapped together like an old poloney/boloney sandwich, which will ultimately leads to unpleasant taste, acid reflux and the regret of consumption.

Anyway, as this is an opinion piece we would like to hear from you… Do you think movie based games have potential… or should we just blatantly ignore them and find something better to do with our time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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