Monday Rant Corner: Make the cheesy video game ads go away

Editor: Darryl Linington

I love video games, I think we all do; however, I find myself wanting to throw myself against a cheese grater every time I see a video game/console commercial on TV lately. Yip, I am referring to the latest commercial for the PlayStation 4’s interface. Let’s face it, the acting is beyond cheesy, the whole idea behind the advert is cheesy… well everything except the interface, but that’s beside the point. Can we not be subjected to marketing that is a little more; how can I say, gamer focused?

Granted, the advert may seem pretty awesome to some, but does it really get your fingers twitching for the launch of the PlayStation 4? You see, it is adverts like these that make me worry about what Microsoft may produce when it comes to an Xbox One advert… all I can say is, “Make the cheesy video game ads go away!”

Truth be told, there have been some rather epic adverts aired in the past; however, there are only a handful of them out there. The Replacers is a great example of how these ads should be done… whereas the numerous amounts of Kinect ads are a perfect example of how not to do them.

While the “Greatness Awaits” trailer is semi-cheesy… it is actually rather epic and more gamer focused than the actual UI trailer.

Here is a perfect example of how a Kinect advert should be done.

The Last of Us actually has a rather epic live action TV advert, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is far more gamer focused, and excludes all the fake smiles and rubbish that we see so often.

In my opinion, there are not enough great ads either featured on TV, or YouTube, depending on where you decide to check them out. We are generally subjected to adverts like the one below, which to be honest makes me want to throw myself at that cheese grater once again.

Truth be told, the Blackwater debut trailer was fantastic; however, the game was just terrible in every aspect.

Maybe it is just me being a little too critical, but I do believe that there are just way too many rubbish adverts out there at the moment.

Agree with me, great! Seen some really cheesy ads lately? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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  • Caveshen Rajman

    The ‘Michael’ Long Live Play trailer is still my favourite gaming-related advertisement.

    • Darryl Linington

      I actually forgot about that. It is such an epic ad.