Midnight launches: are they worth attending?

Over the past few years I have attended various midnight launches. Granted, they cater for those who want to get their hands on the latest blockbuster titles early; however are they really worth attending?

While some retail stores go out of their way to provide food, drinks, and at times entertainment… Others don’t. You see, most midnight launches are a waiting game. While some gamers get to the store earlier than others, they still need to wait until midnight. This is sometimes slightly tedious and tiring. Once 12am finally arrives gamers swarm into the store and leave with their copy.

The problem comes in when you actually get home… you see, some games take rather long to install, which means you have to wait once again. By the time it has finished installing, it is far too late to get some proper game time in and most gamers decide to hit the sack.

Now to be honest, not every game takes that long to install; however, is it really worth it to venture out and collect your copy at midnight? While speaking to some attendees at the local midnight launches, I found that most of them come to the store and pay for their copy of the game in order to collect it the following morning. This seems a little counter-productive as they could have just gone to the store that morning in order to do the same transaction.

I must admit, I do enjoy the local midnight launches, as local retailers go out of their way to keep customers happy. So to end off this opinion piece I would like to ask the following questions:

  • How often do you attend midnight launches?
  • Do you think they are worth attending?
  • What was the most recent midnight launch that you attended?
  • What can local retailers do to better the midnight launch experience?

Feel free to drop a few comments in the comments section below.

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  • Massacred

    For me I’ve attended 4 midnight releases, it kind of just depends on the game, but I certainly don’t want to see them go any time soon. (GTA IV, Guitar Hero III, Modern Warfare 2, and GTA V – in NYC)

    I love talking with the other people and sharing in the excitement of the game, wining prizes, getting shirt, stickers, etc…., playing in competitions and generally having an over all good time.

    Its just a good way to meet other people and share in your love of the hobby.

    Long live the midnight release!