ITF Gaming’s Worst of 2013: Shame of the Year

Games differ vastly in quality, some are incredible and immersive, while others can be described simply as shovelware. Today, we deal with the latter category, focusing on the worst titles our writers have had the displeasure of playing and finding out yours. Below, you’ll find our picks of the absolute worst games of this calendar year.

Darryl: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
This was a little bit of a toss up for me as I was almost on the verge of going with Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ashes Cricket, or Fast & Furious: Showdown. While they all equally deserve the title of worst game of 2013, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is by far the worst video game I have experienced in 2013. Not only was it a slight insult to the very popular television series, it barely even comes close to the greatness of Telltale Games’ rendition of the series.

The Walking Dead
Brady: Sonic: Lost World
Thankfully I haven’t played too many terrible games in 2013 but one that wasn’t particularly great was Sonic: Lost World on the 3DS. While it wasn’t an atrocious attempt at a Sonic game, it was one that failed to capture my attention for very long. The game also didn’t do a very good job at utilising the handheld’s potential, which came across as a missed opportunity.

Sonic Lost World Review (2)
Bracken: Star Trek
Star Trek was unequivocally horrendous – especially for a universe that potentially has so much to offer. A joke of a storyline, gameplay mechanics that can best be described as intoxicated Mass Effect, horrible voice and character acting, and dated visuals make this title my clear worst title of 2013. And no, I fortunately did not play Aliens: Colonial Marines, in case you were wondering.

Star Trek

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  • Alex Filipowski

    They’re all bad but Ride To Hell Retribution was one of the worst games ever. The Survival Instinct game was fun but sadly their developer went bust so no possibility of a sequel

  • Nerdmaster

    Sonic Lost World on 3DS is good, but the stages are a little too long.