ITF Gaming’s Worst of 2013: Buggiest Game

With patches and updates now available via download, many games fail to release stable products, and instead are wrought with crashes, glitches and often hilarious bugs. This is a characteristic of games we tend to look down on, as it points to a lack of polish in development. Below, you’ll find the games that our writers had the most trouble with this year (pre-patch, if applicable).

Darryl: Star Trek 2013
Buggy games are everywhere these days… While some we can grin and bear through, others tend to need a lot more fixing. Star Trek 2013 is one of those games that needed more conceptional, development and creative time… basically the game should have been canned in my personal opinion; however, we can’t all get what we want. From characters running into walls, through walls and pretty much getting stuck in walls, Star Trek is by far one of the buggiest games I have played through in 2013. Even trying to accurately shoot enemies posed as a major problem as most of your laser beams, bullets and whatever else you tried to shoot seemed to magically pass through your enemies.

Star Trek

Brady: Battlefield 4
I haven’t played many buggy games this year but if I had to choose. I would say that it would have to be Battlefield 4. The game had some mysterious glitches where campaign progress would be reset after leaving the campaign. Server issues also plagued the title as many players had issues connecting when attempting multiplayer

Battlefield 4 Review
Bracken: FIFA 14
Even after 2 patches and a few months, FIFA 14 is still an unstable mess on current-gen. Excellent when it works, FIFA suffers from numerous glitches, such as invisible players, invisible footballs, and physics glitches. While these are quite funny to see, what isn’t always entertaining is the laggy menus and constant freezes, which often make this game frustrating to play.

FIFA 14 PS3 4
Michael: Need for Speed: Rivals
A title known by both gamers and non-gamers, the Need for Speed franchise has had its share of ups and downs. I however have never seen anything in a Need for Speed game that would infuriate me to such an extent that I rage quit, until now. Periodically freezing and forcing you to restart your console and spawning you under the sidewalk or not at all are some of the glitches you will find in Ghost Games’ title.

Below, you’ll find a poll where you can vote on the game with the largest amount of glitches this year.

What was the most disappointing game in 2013?

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  • Brandon van Reenen

    FIFA 14 on PC was pretty bad. So bad that I ended up buying it for X360.