ITF Gaming’s Best of 2013: Developer of the Year

Developers often get the short end of the stick – minimal profits from publishers and maximum backlash from fans, but they do put in the long, hard hours to make our hobby possible. As with all other things, some developers shine in their work – some far more than others. Below, you’ll find our writers choices on who was the developer of the year.

Darryl: Naughty Dog
As much as I would like to say Rockstar Games, I feel that Naughty Dog went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to The Last of Us. Furthermore, they are always quick to fix any issues that may occur within their titles.All I can say is I quite honestly cannot wait to experience any future titles that Naughty Dog releases.

Brady: Naughty Dog
2013 was a good year for gaming and developers really gave us a good show. Two developers that stood out for me were Rockstar and Naughty Dog. While Rockstar has always had my attention, I have to admit that Naughty Dog have done an excellent job at showing their versatility with their 2013 release, The Last of Us. A gripping story with brilliant gameplay, Naughty Dog has created one hell of an experience. With the next Uncharted game being teased for the PlayStation 4, I definitely want to see what the team does on the new platform.

The Last of Us Review
Bracken: Naughty Dog
For giving us one of this generation’s best titles, as well as announcing work on a new Uncharted, Naughty Dog get my vote for developer of the year. In addition to their sublime work with The Last of Us, they also worked quickly upon release to fix any and all glitches within the game – the autosave glitch being most prominent. They have not been overly zealous with their DLC policies, an aspect of gaming which can often break immersion, and their interactions with the press and their fanbase have always been respectful and professional. Well done, Naughty Dog, for a great 2013.

Uncharted PS4

What was the single best game in 2013?

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