ITF Gaming’s Best of 2013: Best Story

I have very little to say about this category – a game’s narrative can be expressed in any number of ways and told in just as many. This year, some tales were well told, others were quite poor, but amongst the ITF Gaming team, one title was unanimously accepted as having the best story this year.

Darryl: The Last of Us
Out of all of the video games I have played in 2013, The Last of Us truly deserves a vote for best story. While gameplay is phenomenal, I was completely swept away by this titles beautiful yet tragic storyline, which drew me in even further and further every second I played it. Truly a masterpiece.

Brady: The Last of Us
Undoubtedly, The Last of Us takes this one. The game’s narrative has been crafted beautifully around an infection-ravaged USA. The story features many different factors which help in immersing the player. There are moments where it really pulls on your heartstrings while other times have you cracking a smile because Ellie’s optimism is so infectious (no pun intended), despite the dire or depressing situations that she and Joel encounter. It truly is an amazing experience that will have nearly every player wanting more.

The Last of Us Review
Bracken: The Last of Us
This decision has been the easiest to make so far – The Last of Us is a narrative masterpiece. The game manages to make the player feel uncomfortable without being ostentatious or offensive, a signal of the excellent writing that put the wonderfully rounded characters of Joel and Ellie in these situations. The Last of Us may not have been treading new ground with the premise of its story, but it certainly did with the way it approached it, and did it with a measure of quality that few games this generation would manage to replicate.

The Last of Us
Michael: The Last of Us
For a story that not only enthralled and captivated us, but also broke our hearts in the first 5 minutes, I nominate The Last of Us. Not only do I love pandemic-themed games, but the game itself is flawless. It’s take on human emotion and how far we will go for something we believe in is unrivalled. With The Last of Us you will find a story that rivals the great Steven King’s novels. The evolution of bonds and how we respond in times of trouble is something that defines us, and through the story told, we go as far to evaluate ourselves as well. Truly a brilliant story that has been done to perfection.

The Last of Us Review

For our full review of The Last of Us click here. Feel free to give us your thoughts on which game had the best story below in our poll and comments.

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