Interview: Vostok Games talks Survarium

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ITF Gaming had the opportunity to catch up with the team from Vostok Games, a new independent studio, which was founded in March 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine. Vostok Games is currently in the process of developing a free2play title named Survarium.

According to Vostok Games their mission is to create games that broaden the limits of the human experience that raise current questions of our time. These are questions of science, ecology, relationship of humans and nature, cruelty, inventiveness of modern civilisation, and certainly, spirituality.

Survarium Interview

ITF Gaming: For those out there that have never heard of Survarium… tell us what it is all about?

Vostok Games: Survarium is a free2play MMOFPS game set in the near future. The game focuses on the aftermath of a massive ecological catastrophe on Earth.

ITF Gaming: As Survarium is still in the development process, what has been the most complicated bug or glitch that the team has overcome?

Vostok Games: Building a totally new game engine from the ground up has been a challenge for the whole team. As the game requires very specific technology we decided to start from the beginning. This way, we feel we can deliver a stable game as well as making sure it looks fantastic.

ITF Gaming: When it comes to the various factions featured within Survarium, which factions can you currently reveal to us?

Vostok Games: As we’ve revealed, so far there are two factions. The first is simply the Scavenger faction. This is the one made up by players when they first enter the game world as well as other NPCs that will populate the surroundings. Then of course the infamous Black Market faction, they are the ‘traders’ in Survarium. However they are extremely ruthless and hostile; mostly showing disregard for the rest of the remaining population and even trading people as slaves.

ITF Gaming: Survarium looks to feature a massive world! How big is the world when it comes to Kilometers/Miles, and what are its core features?

Vostok Games: At this point it is rather difficult to give a specific size in terms of Kilometers. Suffice to say the game world and it’s locations will be large.

ITF Gaming: What inspired Vostok Games to develop Survarium?

Vostok Games: The concept came to us by simply looking at the world in its present state. With so many natural disasters happening at what seems to be a more and more frequent pace, we simply took the idea one step further.

Survarium Interview

ITF Gaming: Survarium is a rather interesting and creative name for a gaming title… how did it come into existence?

Vostok Games: We had a bunch of options for the name, basically the entire team could give suggestions and we had daily meetings which lasted for about a month right up to the very moment of the project’s announcement. Some runners-up were “Wild Strike” and “Blackout” There were quite a few good names that we had in mind, but the most common issues were: either the name was already given to some other game or someone else had already registered the web-domain or trade mark for that particular name. In that context, Survarium came up as our own neologism made of two meaningful word parts – ‘survival’ and ‘arium’ suffix (meaning a specific place). The title, although unusual-sounding, seemed very fitting in the sense of the gameplay and story, so we decided to stick with it.

ITF Gaming: What has been the largest challenge so far during the conception phase of Survarium?

Vostok Games: Finding investors, for sure! That was a long and difficult road.

ITF Gaming: A lot of people would love to create, design and develop gaming titles… what advice can the team at Vostok Games give them in order to break into the industry?

Vostok Games: Perhaps the best advice would be to try and get internships and studios. If one is previously experienced in the field there are always hundreds of jobs available and if you are persistent enough, it’s only a matter of time.

ITF Gaming: Has there been any creative hiccups when it comes to character/environmental development/design?

Vostok Games: Oh sure. We have a lot of that stuff happening. Someday we’ll make a collection of it and share it with our communities.

ITF Gaming: Do any of the team members at Vostok Games any have awkward/funny office nicknames?

Vostok Games: We all have nicknames here :) Most people in the game development industry seem to know each other by nicknames only… Yava, Stohe, Koan… guess who?

Survarium Interview

ITF Gaming: According to some the world was going end in 2012… what was the team at Vostok Games doing on 21 Dec, 2012?

Vostok Games: We were working hard as usual and having a little fun on our community pages.

ITF Gaming: To end things off… What has been the best part of the entire Survarium project for the team at Vostok Games so far?

Vostok Games: It’s too early to summarise our experience with the project, we are still developing it full throttle. So, big achievements are yet to come, but the very fact that we were able to actually start this project was probably the most memorable so far.

Survarium Interview

For more information on the team at Vostok Games and on Survarium head to the official site here.

Additionally, check out the latest developer diary from Vostok Games below:

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