Should easily attainable Achievements or Trophies be abolished?

Over the past few weeks I have been playing a lot of games; however, I have noticed something that is not only starting to annoy me, but also make me kinda feel like I haven’t truly earned my Xbox Gamerscore or PlayStation Trophy count. This would be those easily attainable Achievements/Trophies that you get for pretty much doing absolutely nothing. You know, the ones that you get as soon as you start up the game, kill your first enemy, or even make a stupid ass potion… Where is the challenge?

Trophies or Troubles? What Do Gaming Achievements Mean to You?

Aren’t Achievements/Trophies supposed to be earned from countless hours of pure dedication to the game you play? As an example… Granted, creating Professor Fizzlybottom’s grand elixir was a task in it self, especially for the fact that you just whipped out a few ingredients, put them in a pot, watched a cinematic and wham, bang thank you Professor Fizzybottom you earned your self an Achievement/Trophy. What about the armies you conquered, the dragons you slayed and the mass amounts of pork pie you consumed? Don’t you at least get a Trophy/Achievement for that?

Basically, Achievements/Trophies should be earned, not just thrown at a gamer for simply inserting a disc into their machine and starting it up. Even core title developers are doing this nowadays. I mean it is understandable when you pop in a game like SpongeBob or the Smurfs; however, when playing a popular first-person-shooter, RPG, or racing title the last thing I want to see is that I earned an Achievement/Trophy just by starting the game. I want to race 50 races, pass 100 vehicles, or even take out hundreds of enemies just to earn a single Achievement/Trophy… not because I can, but because I would actually feel like I achieved something by doing all of this.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on easily attainable Achievements/Trophies? Should they be abolished from core titles or included. Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • cubs223425

    It’s hard to say we should remove “easy” Achievements and Trophies because “easy” is relative. Should everything be an asinine grind, like “Seriously” Achievements are on Gears? Shoudl everything be brutal, like “Through the Fire and Flames” on Guitar Hero III? I agree that we shouldn’t be having stupid Achievements like on that Simpsons game that had one for pressing Start, and ones where the Achievement is to earn other Achievements (common on 2K Sports games, where an Achievement is to ear all other Achievements) are pointless as well.

    Beyond those obvious ones, it’s hard to say when something is “hard enough” to warrant an Achievement. If they become solely a badge of elitism, they’ll become unpopular and no one will care. As much as that might be ideal for elitists, Achievements add a layer of replayability to games, so making them too difficult for 95% of people would render them meaningless to 95% of the player base.

  • Stuart Moulding

    Its not the easy achievements that annoy me its the secret ones. I can understand them being secret if their discription gives away plot points or some such but when its something stupid like “Blow up 10 chickens with an RPG” its just silly