Don’t judge a Geek by their cover

Editor: Darryl Linington

Over the past year I have noticed an increasing trend… this trend seems to be one that we are all familiar with, but think of as just the norm of everyday life, it is the trend of being labelled as a geek, nerd or general wimp just for the fact that you play video games, review video games or spend an evening in front of your PC destroying demons and casting spells in order to save some land that no one knows of.

I have fallen victim to this trend, and I am sure many of you have too, and to be frank… it is annoying as hell! Maybe I am a geek or a nerd, or maybe I am just your everyday guy that enjoys playing games, reviewing products and writing about anything technology related. However, there is another side to me; I used to be an amateur boxer, a paintball player… I was even going to join the Metropolitan Police in London, well before I moved back to good old South Africa and became a proof-reader/creative copywriter/editor/photographer. I am sure many of you have other things that you take interest in as well.

What I am getting at is just because Gamers play video games does not mean we are huddled up in our mother’s basement, riddled with acne and living off of a diet of McDonald’s, fizzy drinks and resemble the smell of week old cheese. We are your everyday members of society who have jobs, hobbies and families. We go out, we have fun, we socialise… surprise!

Nerd Zombie
This is not who we are!

Let’s look at the word Gamer which in essence means: A person who plays a game or games, typically a participant in a computer or role-playing game. Now look at that very special keyword, which is “Person”, a person is of any race, colour or gender… Which means…? Yep, that’s right… Little Sally, who everyone thinks is a complete stunner is one of those nerdy Gamers that some tend to stereotype. It is not like old Sally magically turns into something that resembles Fiona, from Shrek, the minute her hands touch the controller. You get my point?

Now, if you are still at the point where you firmly believe in stereotyping Gamers then let me point something out to you. Those games that you play on Facebook are classed as casual games, Farmville, Castleville or whatever Ville is available, which means that even though you may not own a console, or spend hours at a time in a mystical land, you are still playing a game. So therefore you have now been classed as a “Casual Gamer”. Welcome to the team! Is that a pimple I see? Can I loan your underwear?

Let’s face it; at the end of the day Gamers are everyday people (there may even be one sitting next to you right now). They are not social delinquents, pimple covered mamma’s boys or potential crazy people who are destined to own 55 cats. We are just normal folks who enjoy a form of entertainment that has been designed to entertain.

I am a gamer

Just to end things off, I would like to mention one thing… While reading a few articles online, I came across an article that states Gamers should retire their controllers/keyboards at the age of 30, and that playing in your 40’s was just plain weird…WTF? Come on! Really? Who in their right mind would give up something so entertaining, so creative, so freaking epic! Granted, maybe less time spent playing video games may be better at that age, but to completely stop playing is just insane!

I mean would old “Granny Mittens” give up knitting because it was weird to knit at the age of 80? We all enjoy something in life, why give it up just because you have hit a certain age? There is no rule book in life that says that you have to stop doing something that you enjoy. So go for it! Play those games, knit those scarfs and if you are truly into it collecting odd things like hair, skin and finger nails… If it makes you happy, nobody can take it away from you.

The Overlord, the master, the one who tries to get things done… I think they call it the “Editor-in-Chief”… I may even be cooler than Master Chief, but that remains to be questioned.

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  • Trebzz

    Fantastic read man and like i said its really amazing to start reading articles like this on the site now :) and its true i have heard it so many times now that when you reach a certain age or if you get married then you have to stop gaming completely. Why would anyone stop doing what they love? I agree when you say if you love something why must you give it up? I know myself i would never stop and plan on gaming till my body cannot move from 1 step to the next lol.

    • Darryl Linington

      Thanks Z… we stepping things up finally.

    • Choffel

      “or if you get married then you have to stop gaming completely” Then I’d say you married the wrong person 😛 Nice article Darryl, on point :)

  • Clayton

    Really great article.

    • Darryl Linington

      Thanks :)

  • Richard Mackenzie


  • Brendon Bosch

    BOOM!!! Cant say it any better myself. Needed to be said.

    Thanx Darryl

    • Darryl Linington

      Always a pleasure… gotta represent somehow hahahaha.

  • AG_Sonday

    A great read and funnily enough, most people around my age are gamers on some level. Gaming is a great form of escapism and better than any vice out there but soceity and the media projects this stigma about it which is unfounded. Sure we’re nerds/geeks whatever but we are not necessarily social inept shut-ins.

    • Darryl Linington

      Totally agree bud. I think I spend more time outside the house than I do in my man cave.

  • GaaTY

    My day is made. Thanks!

    • Darryl Linington

      Always a pleasure hey. Glad you enjoyed the read.

  • Matthew John

    great article and very true, gaming is the best form of escapism I know! I like the picture of why have one life when you can have many!

  • Yanas