Black Ops 2 multiplayer better with bots – wait what?

For the past few weeks a group of Gamers, located in South Africa, have mentioned how they have been battling to find online matches in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. This has forced these players to switch to local play in order to play against bots instead.

I decided to test things out during the course of last week in order to see just how bad the issue was. The results… Over the past 7 days I have connected to the Xbox Live and PSN every night and spent around an hour in the lobbies searching for games. This proved pretty much pointless, as over the time period of testing I had the opportunity to connect to 4 games (2 of which I was invited to).

Black ops 2 (2)

According to Treyarch a mass amount of issues have been patched; however it seems that the matchmaking problem is still persisting.

While playing against bots is not the most exciting thing to do… you may want to try find a group of players large enough to host games on a regular basis. This could prove beneficial; however if you are a lone wolf, you may end up blasting away at bots until the issue is finally resolved properly.

Are you having connection problems? Let us know in the comments section below! Additionally, feel free to drop your Gamertags if you are looking for folks to play against.

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  • Matthew John

    Finding the exact same problem… I just cycle between Free-For-All & Team Deathmatch. Once you are in a group of players, dont leave or the process starts all over again!

    XBL MattJohn5

  • Asterid

    I have been trying all dam day and nothing. Think I might just play something else.

  • Elias

    I too am battling with the same problem on xbox. It takes nothing less than 10-15 mins to find a game. Its pathetic as we also pay for xbox live and we are not getting what we pay for. Very dissappointed:(((((