5 Great mini-games you have to play

In my mind, mini-games have always been there to entertain the player. They have been designed to add a little more variety to video games, while offering the player a much needed break from the main storyline. While not every single mini-game shines there are those that do!

Below you will find 5 great mini-games you just have to play!

Red Dead Redemption’s Texas Hold’Em:
The poker you’ll play in Red Dead Redemption is Texas Hold ‘Em.

Texas Hold’Em can be played in the multiplayer mode alongside Liar’s Dice in the Liars and Cheats DLC. The player can play poker in many different locations including Armadillo, Casa Madrugada, Thieves’ Landing, Chuparosa and Blackwater. While Texas Hold’Em can be slightly confusing for some… Here is a brief guide to get you going properly.

Red Dead Redemption

Final Fantasy X/X-2: Blitzball
Blitzball brings back so many memories when it comes to gaming. While some matches frustrated me to the point of wanting to snap my controller, other matches made me realise that this is the kind of mini-game that needs to be featured in upcoming Final Fantasy titles.

For those of you not entirely clued up on Blitzball here is a quick rundown: Blitzball is an aquatic ball sport played in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. It is Spira’s favourite and most dominant sport, allowing fans to take their minds off the ever present threat of Sin. The objective of the game is for the player and their team to kick the blitzball into the opposing team’s goal, while the opposing team simultaneously defends their goal and attempts to steal the blitzball in order to make an attempt at the player’s goal. Simply game, yet highly entertaining.


Fallout New Vegas: Caravan
There are many things to do in Fallout: New Vegas; however, Caravan has to be among my favourite pass times. If you looking for a free 54 card starter deck, and game instructions, head to Goodsprings and collect it from Ringo.

Created by caravan guards using whatever cards they could find lying around, this is a one-on-one card game played with a cobbled together deck of loose playing cards. Caravan is not played in casinos, but is very popular among caravan guards and other frequent travellers on the Long 15. Because Caravan allows players to build decks from any card they can find, crafty caravan guards often come up with devious decks and strategies. Caravan is played for standard money of any and all kinds: caps, NCR dollars, or legion coins. Because the players are often poor, the stakes tend to be low. Here is a brief guide to get you going.

Fallout new vegas

Shadows of the Damned: Too many to mention
Shadows of the Damned features quite a few mini-games; however, these have actually been integrated into the plotline, rather than tossed to side in order to be discovered by the player.

The mini-games consist of side-scrolling levels, which need to be completed in order to progress further. While this seemed to be a strange approach to the world of mini-games… it was actually executed really well in Shadows of the Damned.

Shadows of the damned

Hitman Absolution: Sniper Challenge
Sniper Challenge seemed to draw a lot of attention during the pre-order/initial release stage of Hitman: Absolution. While being a stand-alone mini-game, Sniper Challenge allowed Gamers to compete online in order to become the ultimate assassin.

What made Sniper Challenge so appealing was the fact that distributors/magazines/online publications held competitions in order to see who could reach the highest score possible.

In Sniper Challenge, players take the role of Agent 47, who sets up in a building overlooking one where a rave is taking place, in which Strong and his guards are located. The character is armed with a silenced bolt-action sniper rifle, which is the only available weapon in the game.

The player accumulates points by killing targets. As score is earned, progress is tracked, and upgrades for the sniper rifle are unlocked, including a magazine size extension and a faster bolt cycling (increasing its fire speed). The scenery of the game includes destructible elements which can be shot to indirectly kill characters; for example, shooting a lift with barrels will crush a target with them. All versions include achievements, such as shooting a set number of Gnomes or Pigeons hidden around the level.

Hitman Sniper Challenge

Have a favourite mini-game that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Asterid

    Wow! you brought back so many memories for me. I really enjoyed some of the mini-games in WOW.

  • Shaday

    I think I am gonna replay Final Fantasy 10 now 😛

  • Jaco Bronkhorst

    I personally liked the dice gambling game in The Witcher. It was simple yet very addictive :)