4 Things We’d Like to See In Call of Duty: Ghosts

Editor: Bracken Lee-Rudolph

For me, Infinity Ward has always produced better Call of Duty than Treyarch games both in single- and multiplayer. I tend to get less lag when I play them, and I tend to enjoy the movement and feel of the IW games more.


That said, there are some features of Black Ops 2 that I’d like to see refined and some from Modern Warfare 3 that I’d like to see return, and Call of Duty: Ghosts, separate from both the Black Ops and Modern Warfare canons, has the perfect platform to meld these features. The four that I’d most like to see are:

1 – Team Tactical Mode making a return

This really is a no-brainer for me. I loved the 4 vs. 4 objective-based matches in Team Tactical modes in Modern Warfare 2, continued to love them in Modern Warfare 3, and then discovered that they were missing in Black Ops 2 (much to my horror).

They provide a completely different challenge as camping just puts your team at a disadvantage and so does rushing the objectives. In addition to that, if adapted correctly, it could also be used as a practice zone for clans, who face off in competitions in a 4v4 format, in specific objective-based modes.


2 – A replacement for Spec Ops 

I really find Spec Ops a useless feature in the Modern Warfare franchise, as despite its challenge, it offers very little to the game for me as the structure of the missions is quite similar to the campaigns. This becomes stale quickly and it is a feature I very rarely touched. Treyarch’s equivalents have had their mainstay feature in the wildly popular zombie mode, and Infinity Ward needs something similar.

The one replacement I think could work is a feature akin to the Chaos Mode in Modern Warfare 3’s Spec Ops lineup. It changed the core gameplay by loading the map with enemies and placing guns in an arcade-like “Pick Up and Use Until Empty” format. This allowed a totally different experience as you were also facing off against a depleting time limit and it made for a frenetic and compelling in-game feature. Something along those lines would benefit Ghosts in terms of replayability and variety.


3 – A Skill-Based matchmaking system

I’m split on this one, because I believe that a laggy connection is something that I’d rather avoid. However, it is quite painful to join a lobby and be confronted by a 20th prestige player with the equivalent of the Death Star’s tractor beam on the under-barrel of his gun and more accuracy than the Stormtrooper’s onboard.

It would be nice if beginners could be grouped with other beginners, without compromising the signal. If nothing else, a setting could be added to prioritise one over the other, and if a working system between connection strength and skill-based matchmaking could be achieved, it would make the community far more pleasant for newer players.


4 – A dedicated competitive mode

Usually when players form clans, they like to play against other clans in scrims, playing for the prestige of having bested another group of competitive gamers. However, Call of Duty usually makes this mode restricted to private matches to set custom rules and weapon restrictions, which almost cuts the competitive community off in terms of user-friendliness.

However, if a competitive mode could be established, with the rules of the official Call of Duty Championships so that the clans could face off in official clan matches, I feel that clans will gain a large amount of experience in how the official competitive game modes should be played and they will have an easier way to set these game modes up. If teams want to have custom scrims, private matches still remain a feature, but to play under official guidelines, the competitive mode should be there.


What do you feel about Call of Duty: Ghosts? What progression would you like to see it make? Let us know in the comments!

Now moved on, Bracken is an aspiring tech and gaming journalist. Is anyone even reading this?

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  • Michael Garvie

    Double thumbs up for this one.

    • CataclysmicDawn

      Thank you, kind sir 😀

  • DestryLP

    #1, Championship League is exactly that
    #2. Spec ops was only subpar because of treyarchs Zombie mode, I expect more of the same again.
    #3. This I agree with, league was they’re chance, and its somewhat lackluster in the matchmaking department.
    #4. League

    • CataclysmicDawn

      1. I’m looking at something more mass appeal orientated. Like what we’ve seen in previous IW titles.

      2. Spec Ops is just more of the same in terms of mission structure and needs, at the very least, an overhaul. It’s too repetitive in terms of its structure and gets boring quickly.

      3. Yeah, but as I said, I’d rather not compromise smooth connection for it, which is a massive problem here.

      4. League where you can invite the other team? In any case, it would be nice to see something more accessible in terms of game mode set up for the competitive modes. League is nice, but it’s an unrefined service. It needs a bit of tweaking and a few more options and it’s perfect for everyone.

      Thank you for reading!


    take out quick scoping or have snipers only lobby

    • CataclysmicDawn

      Quick scoping is more an abuse of the aim assist than anything else, so they’d have to rework their sniping entirely.

      Snipers Only Game Modes could be a nice addition though, it would certainly stop the ranting in public lobbies.

  • matt671

    the whole game needs to be resigned the physics of the guns, the power of the knife needs to be lowered, you shouldn’t be able to throw C4, you need destructible environments, there needs to be bullet drop, the maps needs to be bigger, take out akimbo weapons, there needs to be drivable vehicles like in COD:WOW, QS & NS shouldn’t be possible, new weapons, more weapons, no bulls**t perks,

    • CataclysmicDawn

      So basically, make Call of Duty into Battlefield then?

      I absolutely disagree with you here. I’m perfectly fine with Call of Duty being unrealistic, because I still find it fun to play (as do millions of other people), and I’m fine with Battlefield being a large scale battle simulator, because many people enjoy that. They shouldn’t strive to be the same. We complain about the lack of innovation all the time, so making two series similar isn’t going to change that.

      • matt671

        Where did I say that they should make it into Battlefield, I didn’t I was just saying how the game could be improved. Its probably people like you who love QS and NS and enjoy running around with overpowered akimbo weapons and being able to throw c4 about 10 feet while using perks like no fall damage (yes because that’s realistic) its about time that COD made a game with more realism in.

  • run

    Heck no. Skill based matchmaking is the worst thing they’ve ever invented. I’m not going to explain why again. 3 key-words: connection, tryharding 24/7, lag comp. How is it fair or fun in any way for good players? It’s just ridiculous and I don’t see the point of it in public matches. All it does is making a lot of people rage, quit BO2, AND rage-quit (without talking about all the campers and tryhards (= people always using the same exact class not to drop their little K/D…) in public matches…). In conclusion, they better not use the same matchmaking and connection as BO2. Without any doubt, they’d lose a ton of dedicated fans, and next-gen will have a lot of new awesome games to offer 😉

    • CataclysmicDawn

      The only reason I suggested skill-based or stat-based matchmaking was for the sake of making the casual echelons of the community a more pleasant area for new players and slower players. If they could merge that with good connection it would be positive for a casual community.

      I agree, the negative elements in the community may make it unpleasant for more inherently skilled players, but that, ideally, is League Play’s demographic.

      Though I agree, Black Ops 2’s matchmaking is woeful and needs an overhaul.

      Thanks for reading!