30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 9: Saddest Scene

There’s always one moment which defines a game, sometimes they are epic victories, other times they are heart-wrenching, soul destroying moments of sadness that leave us wondering why, what could have been done and where we went wrong. These are moments that kill off our favourite characters, tell inspired tales of betrayal and revenge and leave us feeling somewhat empty – having lost a big part of our video game. Below you will find our writers’ picks of the saddest moments in their history of gaming. Please beware, these may contain many spoilers.


I think that the saddest game scene for me took place during Final Fantasy VII. Everyone who’s played it probably knows what I’m talking about; the scene where Sephiroth appears like a bat out of hell and drives his sword right through Aeris, which immediately causes you drop your jaw and develop an uneasy feeling in your stomach. It’s not only the saddest scene I have ever seen in a video game, it’s also the first one that really pulled on my heartstrings.

Sephiroth Stabs Aeris


Gears of War 3 was an emotional journey for me, personally – I suspected that Dom was gonna die when he was trapped across the walkway from Marcus, but I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t believe one of my favourite characters just sacrificed himself. While the actual scene was not that emotional it suddenly set a chain of waterworks when Anya said to Marcus “It’s gonna be alright” and the mighty warrior Marcus shed a tear. Yip, bring on the tissues.



Mass Effect 3 – Thane’s death scene. Thane’s death scene was by far the saddest and most emotional a game has ever made me feel, I cried so much I had to quit the game for a while, and I couldn’t play for an hour or two afterwards. Granted I was more emotionally involved than most with Thane, but damn, they really tugged on my heart strings with that scene. And by tugged, I mean ripped out completely.

Thane Death


One of my saddest moments in gaming came in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, during an endgame Desmond sequence. For all of you who played the first three Assassin’s Creed titles (namely 1, 2 and Brotherhood), it was undeniable that a bond was forming between Lucy and Desmond. Over three titles, this had come to no more than light flirting and trust between the two. However, this changed in an instant when Desmond was forced by one of the “Ones who came before” to stab Lucy, and subsequently slip into a comatose state. For me, this killed off a potentially burgeoning romance that could have improved Desmond as a character, but it also killed off one of Desmond’s closest allies and his only true friend, leaving him alone in a world with Templars out to kill him, an unimaginably huge task ahead and no one to confide in.

Desmond stabbity stab stab

Which games pulled on your heartstrings? Were you shocked when Doviculus killed both Lars and Ophelia in Brütal Legend? Did having to kill Wrex and Kaidan or Ashley torture your conscience in Mass Effect? Or, did the death of Leandra Hawke, the protagonist’s mother, in Dragon Age 2 undermine all the effort you’d put into the game? Let us know!

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