30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 7: Favourite Video Game Couple

The smell of love is in the air… Or is that napalm? Video game romances have been around for as long as we have had male and female characters. From the generations of the perpetually friendzoned heroes of Link in Legend of Zelda and Mario in the plethora of Mario titles, to today’s engrossing romances and love triangles in games, romance is often an important plot-point and often a great distraction from the violent hordes on your doorstep.

Uncharted 3 Review

Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead


Hmmm, I had to do quite a bit of thinking for this one, trying to remember all the video game couples that I actually liked. I’d have to say that Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII would be my top pick. It took a while for them to actually get together during the game but when they finally did, it resulted in the lone wolf Squall finally opening up as a likable character and also opening up to the other party members.

Squall and Rinoa


I have come across many video game couples in the past; however, there has only been one couple that has actually caught my attention… That’s right! Zidane and Garnet from Final Fantasy 9.

Why you ask? Well from the moment Zidane and Garnet meet you can instantaneously feel the connection. Things are tense at first; however, both of them start to grow a much stronger bond, which is strengthened even more by the games powerful music score. They are truly a perfect match – and let’s not forget that we all probably shed a tear at the end of Final Fantasy 9… right?

Zidane Romance


I guess that would be Thane and Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 2. I think I’m the only person that romanced the Drell and Mordin had some… um… interesting advice to give about that! But, for my Shepard, having just come back from a bad relationship with Kaidan (and back from the dead), Thane was the perfect choice.

Thane and FemShep


Mine would have to be the romance optional subplot between Bastila Shan and the former Darth Revan in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The former Sith Lord Revan, with his memory wiped, and Bastilla are both Jedi, sworn to chastity by the Order’s code. However, this does not stop a romance developing between the two, and with the right dialogue options, the endgame sequence will feature a reference to their romance. However, these two characters’ nature, Bastila a naïve and headstrong young Jedi with powerful Force abilities, and Revan, a former Sith Lord with extensive tactical expertise and force mastery, adds a strong sense of a forbidden love – both in the fact that they were once sworn enemies and that Jedi were not allowed to be in romances.

When Bastila later is seduced by the Dark Side, Revan’s love towards her plays a huge part in her redemption. In the extended Star Wars Universe, their relationship continues and they have a child, although Revan’s quest to recall his lost memories eventually separates them, as he is kept captive in stasis by the Sith Emperor for hundreds of years, meaning that Bastila will have sadly died, along with their child, who he would have never met, by the time he was released.

Not quite the ending we all hope for, hey?

Revan and Bastila
So, you’ve heard our favourite gaming romances, now let us hear yours! Did you enjoy the heavy-metal accompanied romance of Eddie Riggs and Ophelia in Brütal Legend more than any other? Was Cole McGrath’s dysfunctional relationship with Trish the best one you’ve found in gaming? Or did you sample the likes of Mass Effect’s Miranda, Liara, Kaidan and Garrus to find your one coded love? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Beanz777

    Hmmmm I can’t think of many so I would have to say Nate and Elena from Uncharted would be my favourite. I think Ellie and Isaac from Dead Space are a close second.

    • CataclysmicDawn

      Elena > Chloe ? Yeah?

  • http://egmr.net/author/cavie Caveshen Rajman

    I want to say Katherine and Vincent from the game Catherine but that romance would have depended on how you played the game, which in my case gave me the best faithful ending. So instead, I’m going to say Jenny and Jackie from The Darkness II. It’s compelling and awesome and endearing to see how hard Jackie fights for his star-crossed lover and it’s a Shakespearean level tragedy when he discovers that they cannot be together because fate has decided to fuck with them. I loved it.

    • CataclysmicDawn

      Mine also depended on how you played, but fair enough 😀

      Nice Romeo and Juliet reference 😛

  • Nicola Dee

    Ok, so I’m one of those that romanced Alistair in DA:Origins. No I don’t regret it, he had the funniest line ever when he talks about the rose.

    Another would be Tidas and Yuna in FF X. both were kind of irritating as characters and I lol’d at the music, but they deserved it. another one like that was Atsuma and Karin from Enchanted Arms. Both annoying, but cute together.

    Lastly, I’d have to go with Isaac and Nicole from Dead Space 2. that’s some crazy a** sh*t right there!

    • CataclysmicDawn

      I quite liked Alistair, although I never romanced him. He was whiney, but he was also funny at times.

  • Yashaar Mall

    Okay so this is like the third time I’m agreeing with Brady

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=763045503 Brady GuitarDemon Ruiters

      Looks like we have similar tastes when it comes to gaming :)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/brendon.bosch Brendon Bosch

    Shepard and pretty much all the chicks i made moves in in my multiple play throughs. Even got some action about 2 hours into the first game. Playa go Play

    • CataclysmicDawn

      Shepard is the ultimate promiscuous protagonist 😀