30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 3: A Game That Is Underrated

The underrated game, a term quite loosely and flagrantly thrown around at times, but have you ever picked up a game, played the living hell out of it, enjoyed every second of it, opened your browser(s), and found that the game you were playing was being unanimously torn apart across the internet? Or have you ever played a diamond of a game which didn’t quite catch the attention of mainstream gamers? We at ITF Gaming have each played our own personal favourites which we believe were harshly overlooked, and here is our list of titles that we perceive to be underrated!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

A game that I thought was rather underrated was The Darkness. It was a first-person shooter but offered so much more of an experience than that of the average FPS these days. I’ll admit that the multiplayer portion of the game wasn’t really that great, but the origin story of how Jackie Estacado came to encounter the power of the Darkness was brilliant. The gameplay had a few repetitious parts here and there but you got to choose between dual wielding guns or ripping apart enemies with the tentacles of the Darkness. Minions known as Darklings could also be summoned to help out if a situation called for a bit of backup.

The Darkness

When it comes to a video game being underrated the only one that seems to come to mind is Resident Evil 6. Let’s face it – Resident Evil 6 had its issues; however, it still exceeded my overall expectations. I honestly thought it was gonna be pretty much on par with the rather horrific Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which was mind numbing at times. I must admit that it did excel in certain areas; however, it failed to deliver in others. For those of you looking for a great game to play that delivers four unique campaigns in one shot then Resident Evil 6 is not to be missed.

Resident Evil 6


FTL (Faster Than Light). It’s a serious gem of an indie game that’s flown under a lot of radars. It’s a combination of top-down RTS, simulation and rogue-like dungeon crawler, but in space! It’s the kind of game you sit down to play for five minutes but lose three hours to.

Faster Than Light

My choice for an underrated title would certainly have to go to a personal favourite of mine, Tim Schafer’s Brütal Legend. This light-hearted action/adventure-crossed-with-strategy-elements captured me with its surprisingly captivating narrative, stylised heavy-metal environments and addictive gameplay and didn’t let go until 20 hours later, when all the side quest were finished, all the music unlocked and the main storyline beaten.

Brutal Legend

Generally there are bad games and good games. The bad ones get slated by 90 percent of the populace and the good ones explode into popularity. Sometimes, there are games that manage not to bomb out completely, but that also don’t get the recognition they deserve. Evil Dead: Hail to the King had all of the right makeup, but didn’t get the attention it deserved. Released for the Playstation, by Heavy Iron Studios and THQ, it was extremely similar to Silent Hill and Resident Evil, yet enjoyed none of the same success. You’d think that a survival horror revolving around one of the original badass protagonists of all time would sell. Hopefully the upcoming remake of the film that it was based on will prompt another great game!

Evil Dead

So what did you find to be a highly underrated title in your collection? Were you a singular supporter of Singularity, with its quirky handheld time manipulation mechanics? Or did you prefer the time-bending of TimeShift, which placed you in a suit for the same purpose? If not, did you believe Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever were both hidden gems – or shining turds, at any rate? Let us know in the comments!

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