30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 24: Favourite Classic Game

Today we return to our early days of gaming, when we still had to look at our controllers from time to time to make sure what everything was, when the characters in games were moving blocks shaped in some form like a human and when we still based our purchases off our favourite movies or awesome-looking covers. Below you’ll find our writers’ favourite classic video games from back in the day! 


Ah, finally an easy one. Mine would definitely have to be Elevator Action on the NES. I remember playing that game for hours on end. It was pretty simple too. The player assumes the role of a spy and starts on the top of a building and uses an elevator to get to the bottom after collecting secret documents. However, there are agents that are adamant in attempting to stop you, so shooting them is the only option. It’s pretty simple but can become rather challenging as the player progresses.



Ah, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts comes to mind when I think of a classic. This title is still on my play list at the moment. I still remember spending hours in the arcade with this game too… it was really epic! 



After a freak accident with Darryl (driving whilst reminiscing about Ghouls ‘n Ghosts) several weeks ago, Tracy was left unable to recall many classic games, and even worse, she was left as an ITF Gaming Writer (shock, horror!). We are currently assessing the severity of her amnesia, and for the time being have diagnosed her with treatment of article posting and review writing. We will keep you updated as the situation develops. (Picture of car involved in accident)



The video game which I remember most vividly from my first console, the PlayStation One, was Diablo. At the age of 7, Diablo was absolutely terrifying, it was difficult and I couldn’t put it down. After playing for many hours, yet never reaching the higher stages through the randomly generated catacombs beneath the original Tristram, I eventually had virtually limitless amounts of gold and a ridiculously overpowered character, as well as a 10-block save game on my 8 megabyte memory card.



Heretic. It had a great story, where dark gods have taken over a world. As Corvus, a dark elf, you must smash your way through demonic foes with some of the most original weapons ever designed. You could turn your enemies into chickens, or fry them with electricity from your fingertips. John Romero, the level designer of Doom and one of the founders of ID Software helped Raven to create this classic masterpiece. It spawned some amazing sequels too. I wish they’d remake Heretic in the same style as an Elder Scrolls game.


What is the classic title you remember best and enjoyed the most? Did you have many hours of fun in Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.? Did Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital teach you how medicine should be done? Or do you go all the way back to the original Pong machines? Let us know in the comments!

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