30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 19: World You Want to Live In

From world’s with lush farmlands and distant horizons, to desolate worlds with the remnants of forgotten societies, there’s always worlds between the plastic covers of our video games that we’d love to visit, and just as many that we’d love to live in! Below you’ll find our writers’ choices on which in-game worlds they’d love to live in. 


This game isn’t out yet but I think that I’d like to live during the time of Edward Kenway, the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed 4. Sailing around the Caribbean is a nice setting but sailing around the Caribbean as a pirate and/or assassin sounds so much better.



Final Fantasy 13′s Academia just seems to look very appealing to me. I mean if you look at the city as a whole, could you imagine the amount of technology that could be experienced here? It just looks truly amazing.



Virmire, the most beautiful planet I think I’ve ever seen. Just ignore the genophage drama and blowing up things and teammate deaths. Seriously pretty planet though. 



I’d love to have a while in the city of San Vanelona from Skate 1 and 2. Despite being filled with skaters and some truly daft drivers, San Van is full of iconic locations. In addition to that, if I was ever in need of some entertainment, I could always go sit in a non-playable zone and watch the skaters fly, fall and crash in harmony. 



Rage Wasteland. What can I say? Some people fantasise about the zombie apocalypse. I for one am more the post-apocalyptic dreamer.


So what about our readers’ place of residence? Would you like to have a home in the remnants of Washington DC from Fallout 3? Does the Aperture Science Centre seem like the perfect place to raise a family? Or do you go to Ravenholm? Let us know in the comments!

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