Saint’s Row IV Voice Cast Announced

Deep Silver has announced the full voice cast for Saints Row IV. Among the highlights include Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Dorn, Terry Crews, and Keith David, playing himself. The voice options for the presidential player character were also announced and include Troy Baker, Nolan North, and Laura Bailey.

The full list is below.

  • Keith David – As himself
  • Danielle Nicolet – Shaundi
  • Jennifer Jules Hart – Shaundi #2
  • Natalie Lander – Kinzie Kensington
  • Terry Crews – Benjamin King
  • JB Blanc – Zinyak/Phillipe Loren
  • Michael Dorn – Maero
  • Neil Patrick Harris – DJ Veteran Child
  • Yuri Lowenthal – Matt Miller
  • Arif Kinchen – Pierce Washington
  • Tim Thomerson – Cyrus Temple
  • Mike Carlucci – Zach
  • Rob Van Dam – Bobby
  • Rebecca Riedy – Asha Odekar
  • Andrew Bowen – Josh Birk/NyteBlayde
  • Michael Yurchak – CID
  • TC Carson – Big Tony
  • Ursula Taherian – Tanya
  • Ogie Banks – Warren Williams
  • Nolan North – The Player
  • Troy Bake – The Player
  • Laura  Bailey – The Player
  • Robin Atkin Downes – The Player
  • Diane Michelle – The Player
  • Kenn Michael – The Player
  • Sumalee Montano – The Player

Amongst this cast are several revivals – notably Maero and DJ Veteran Child, both of whom you killed in Saint’s Row 2. Does this mean the new super powers will include revival of the dead? Only time will tell, but for now, with names like Nolan North and Neil Patrick Harris lining up in the voice cast, the title is shaping up promisingly to be fun and over-the-top, exactly what the series is known for.

Now moved on, Bracken is an aspiring tech and gaming journalist. Is anyone even reading this?

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