Reviewer needed

What’s up Gamers! So, it’s that time again where we are looking for someone new to join the team at ITF Gaming; however, this time we are in search for a lady to join the team!

So… if are you keen to grab some awesome games, write epic reviews and do some amazing event coverage then you are in the right place!

What are the requirements?
You will need to be over the age of 18 in order to review any title released.
A keen hand when it comes to writing, grammar and all things gaming.
A PlayStation 3 with a PlayStation Move or an Xbox 360 and Kinect (both would be preferred).
An internet connection (preferably uncapped) in order to download PSN or Xbox Live Arcade titles.

Please note: This is a part-time, non-paying position; however, you will get to keep the games you review. Submissions need to be sent by the 10th of February, 2013.

Please include the following in your submission:
A 800-1200 word review, written by you, of any title that was launched in 2012.
A recent copy of you CV.

All submissions to be emailed to

Good luck!!!

Image Source: Kristen Lanae

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