RAMfest 2013 rocks Johannesburg

Editor & Photography: Darryl Linington

While RAMfest (Real Alternative Music Festival) is now a fond memory, it is still one of the best music festivals I have personally experienced. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch phenomenal bands such as Rise Against, Bring Me the Horizon, Mind Assault, The Sunday Punchers, Fuzigish and other top international and local bands?


While I only had the opportunity to attend Saturday’s shenanigans, at the Johannesburg event, there were still some major highlights on the cards for the day. The Sunday Punchers was one of them… If you have ever seen these boys play live, you will know that they are not only a great local band, but also have a powerful stage presence that really draws in a crowd. According to The Sunday Punchers, “we are a Celtic folk punk rock and roll muck up. Summed up pretty easily huh?”

Another highlight for RAMfest was Bring Me the Horizon. Formed in 2004, the British based metalcore band performed a killer set, which ultimately drew thousands of fans to the main stage. Even from the other side of Riversands Farm, you could hear the cheers of avid fans as soon as Bring Me the Horizon stepped onto the stage.

Even though the night was still young, only one band remained. A band that I have had the pleasure of listening to for around 8 years now. A band that I have been hoping would make their way to South Africa ever since I missed out on seeing them in London. It was finally time for South Africa to experience Rise Against.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Rise Against rocked RAMfest, Johannesburg, so hard that fans were literally singing along, word for word, to every single song the band played. Even in the midst of pouring rain, fans would not budge from their spots… It was absolutely spectacular to witness.

Rise Against front man, Tim McIlrath, reached out to South African fans and stated that it has taken the band 12 years to get to South Africa; however, it will not take them 12 years to come back. While no future events have been set, I am pretty sure that Rise Against fans will welcome the band back with open arms.

Rise Against

Once the dust settled, and all was over and done with, I couldn’t help but over hear attendees praising RAMfest 2013 for being one of the best experiences of their lives. This goes to show that absolutely no one left disappointed.

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