rAge 2013: Batman Arkham Origins Hands-On Preview

I recently discovered what can only be described as one of the most well thought-out superhero games since, well…ever and I must admit that the precept of another studio taking over development duties from Rocksteady kinda irked me.

Upon trying out the Arkham Origins’ code at rAge this year, my fears of a new studio taking over has been laid to rest. Warner Brothers Montrael has taken Batman and shaped and molded him into much much more.

The demo I played demonstrated some of the open world to be found in Arkham Origins as well as a short piece of story, which as some of you may recall from our Geek Fest Promo video, contains the exact same wording used by Joker with regards to removing a certain construction site from view. It left me with a pleasant (and possibly maniacal) smile on my face.


The combat system used in this latest entry into the series remains unchanged from the previous games, and all the much-loved tech and gadgets are still there.

I found that even though Batman is supposed to be a bit more unrefined and less trained than the older, more experienced Batman in the previous games, this game still plays and feels like the afore-mentioned games. The interface is slightly different but still feels very intuitive and smooth. The button configuration remains largely unchanged.

Visually, the game is beautiful. From the snow flaking on the Dark Knight’s cape, to the footprints left behind in the snow caking the surfaces of the buildings to the breathtaking environment of Gotham City itself.


I played the game using custom Logitech hardware and as a result the audio experience completely immersed me into the landscape and world of Gotham City. From the blows landed on Black Mask’s henchmen to the sound of the wind cutting through Batman’s cape, every sound rumbled in my ears and put me into a state of awe.

I am extremely excited to see the final product and I will definitely be one of the first ones in the door to purchase this fantastic looking (and feeling) game.

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  • Colin Dos Santos

    the excitement for this game!!!!!! ooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! cant wait