PlayStation Plus May 2014 Lineup Announced

Sony has announced what titles will be jumping onto the PlayStation Plus May 2014 lineup. April 30 will see the following games added to the service:

PlayStation 3:

Payday 2
Download size: 3.9GB

One of the most thrilling cooperative shooters out there, Payday 2, allows you to assemble a four man crew and embark on one of the greatest crime sprees in Washington DC’s history. From hitting small-time drug stores to breaking open major bank vaults, there is a lot of varied content on offer which is sure to keep you busy for a quite a while. It’s not a game I’d recommend playing solo though, as you’re easily overwhelmed in later stages. Payday 2 delivers one of the most in depth cooperative shooters since Left 4 Dead 2, if you manage to scrape a group of friends together.

Download size: 10.3GB

One of the more eccentric titles to release last year, Puppeteer, has you taking on the role of Kutaro, a young boy who must escape the black castle of the nefarious Moon Bear King. While the gameplay is  pretty standard for a platformer, its aesthetic more than justifies giving it a look. The entire game is presented as a puppet show being performed on a constantly changing mechanical stage in front of a live audience, who will provide background noise throughout the adventure.

PlayStation 4:

Stick it to the Man
Download size: n/a

Ray Doewood’s job of testing hardhats isn’t exactly the most fulfilling thing in his life, but he’s pretty happy overall. An accident after a hard day’s testing leaves him in control of a giant pink arm coming out of his head that only he can see. This strange new limb allows Ray to, among other things, read people’s thoughts. This all sets the stage for a game that is at the same time on the funniest and most moving games I played last year.

PlayStation Vita:

Muramasa Rebirth
Download size: 450MB

Originally released for the Wii back in 2009, Murmasa Rebirth is one of the most critically acclaimed side-scrolling action-RPGs around. Its stunning art style and smooth combat system both absolutely thrive on the PS Vita. Murumasa Rebirth features two campaigns, multiple endings, a range of hidden weapons and a massive amount of content to explore. This is one of the best games on Vita and something you should absolutely not miss out on.

Everybody’s Golf
Download size:1.2GB

Finally, there’s Everybody’s Golf a title that makes of the Vita’s rear touch pad and the touchscreen controls to allow players to pave their own way around the course and shoot for that ever illusive score that all golf players chase.

To summarise:

Leaving PS Plus:

Entering PS Plus:


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