PlayStation 4 hardware and software pre-orders kick off

South African video game retailer, BT Games, has kicked off the pre-order race for Sony’s latest hardware, the PlayStation 4, and its software titles. While no price has been confirmed as of yet for the console or the games, consumers can still lock in their pre-order on the BT Games website.

While the masses will still pre-order the console, the fact still remains that no price, release date or model types have been verified as of yet.

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  • Nova Prime

    Would rather wait for more info before ordering but that’s just me.

  • Gilbert Roland

    I see no harm in pre-ordering the console, if for no other reason than to secure your order. I mean, if you honestly want one (which, after the latest PS4 news — you either do or don’t) then why not pre-order? After all, since there’s no price, it’s not as though the retailer can lock you in by forcing a deposit…just yet :/

    • Krepler

      You’re never locked into a pre-order. If anything changes in the future that you’re not fond of simply cancel the order and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. At least that’s how it usually works with reputable merchants.

  • Gilbert Roland