Nordic Games still after THQ assets

Nordic Games has not let anyone know what will happen with Darksiders, Red Faction and the many other ex-THQ properties that it picked up in April as it still has not taken possession of all of them.

Business and product development director Reinhard Pollice told Polygon that Nordic Games hopes to make new games in the biggest franchises – especially Darksiders, Red Faction and MX – and is hammering out deals with the former development teams as well as external studios.

Pollice is also keen on Titan Quest and Deadly Creatures, with the fate of other IP to be determined on an individual basis. That said, Nordic is open to working with other developers interested in its suddenly bulging IP catalogue.

Much of the acquisition process has gone smoothly, but some assets are still with THQ and its developers, and the publisher is busy forging agreements, Pollice said.

Pollice also noted that we’ll likely hear something about the console distribution rights for Double Fine’s Costume Quest and Stacking soon.

Nordis Games has said in the past it wants to “do right” by the IP it acquired. Let’s just hope they do.

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