New Grand Theft Auto V Screens to get players riled up

Rockstar Games has just released 10 new images showing off GTA V’s different types of weather that will be experienced in game. The images also show off the incredible detail on characters, vehicles and locations. Also, it looks as if players will once again be allowed to swim underwater, which was last seen in GTA: San Andreas.

Click on an image to enlarge it.


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  • NotExactlyMars

    The weather in the first pick looks remarkable! That lightning, rolling clouds and the fact that you can see a clear separation between where its raining and where it isn’t makes me really excited for the weather effects in the game 😀

  • NotExactlyMars

    Even the lighting under water looks really impressive. I was always bothered by how clear water looks in games when your under water. It’s supposed to be murky and obscure your field of view