Naughty Dog aiming for 1080p, 60fps with Uncharted 4

After attempting to hit the 1080p, 60fps mark with The Last of Us: Remastered, Naughty Dog is now working on the much-anticipated Uncharted 4 and are aiming to deliver the very same visual standard.

Naughty Dog aiming for 1080p, 60fps with Uncharted 4

Arne Meyer, community strategist at Naughty Dog, said to Eurogamer that the work done on The Last of Us: Remastered helped them understand the strengths of the PlayStation 4 and that a lot of that will go into Uncharted 4.

“A lot of it was because we could try something out on our PS4 engine,” Meyer said. “How far can we do it? Can we do a 1080p, 60fps game? We always wanted to do that, but for the types of effects we wanted to put on screen 720p30 was just fine. Now with the push to go even further that’s not fine enough. So we’re trying to rise to meet that kind of challenge too”.

“I think that’s what we want to push for with anything we’re doing on this generation. That’s sort of the mandate from when we were building the PS4 engine. Let’s see if we can do this and hit it. We hit it with The Last of Us: Remastered, so why not stick with this?”

Via: VG247

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  • McFancypants HD 3.0

    I vaguely remember them saying that what we were shown with the reveal trailer, was actual in-game, right? If that’s the case, and especially with lighting effects being as memorizing as they are, I think that if (read: when) ND pulls it off, UC4 is going to look absolutely amazing.