Man slams Xbox 720 always-online policy, then takes an axe to his 360

According to reports the next Xbox will have to have an internet connection in order to function the way it should. YouTuber, Francis, lays down some serious aggression to show his disappointment in the brand, and additionally reveals his truth about Microsoft creative director Adam Orth’s Twitter suggestion that people just “deal with it” when complaining about the Xbox 720′s always-connected nature.

Please note the video contains extreme language and aggression.

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  • wolftrap01

    hahahahahaha! Microsoft are committing suicide if this rumour is true. nice video. someone give this guy a hug :’D

  • TechniKyle

    His spit, travelled right from his camera, through the internet, and out of my PC monitor into my face…

  • DarthDiggler
  • Goth_Nerd

    I think this guy needs a hug and a girlfriend, no like seriously…. I can’t offer both but hey there must be a girl somewhere out there for him

  • Goth_Nerd

    I think trashing his X-Box is the only exercise he’s gotten the whole year