Local release date for PS4 confirmed

It’s all good news gamers! Our editor-in-chief, Darryl Linington, spoke to a representative at Ster Kinekor this morning and yes, we will be getting the PS4 along with everyone else in the European territories before Christmas! Check below for all the juicy details on the PlayStation 4 release date.

Ster Kinekor Entertainment CEO, Mario Dos Santos, has given the following official statement regarding the release date and RRP for our market:

“South Africa will be releasing the PS4 prior to Christmas, approximately the 6th of December,  we have planned it this way to coincide with the logistics of getting the stock to our shores. The price point, although not officially set due to the uncertainty around the Rand exchange rate, is currently planned at an RRP of R 6 299 including VAT and it will presumably not be higher than that at launch. We will be in touch with Retail stores and the media to confirm this information as soon as it becomes available.[sic]”

Initially there was quite a bit of confusion when Sony announced that they would only be releasing the PS4 in 32 Countries, with South Africa not being amongst them, but it seems we are falling underneath the umbrella of another country in this list:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Latin America. Launches planned for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and Peru.

Which one it is, we don’t know, but fortunately it has all worked out for the best. So if you were planning to pick up a PS4 before Christmas, you are in luck.

Will you be picking up a PS4 after E3 and Gamescom‘s stellar lineups were announced? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Travis Shrive

    The price of it in SA is ridiculous, why are we like 50% more expensive than anywhere else, can you explain this to me. Just out of curiousity.

    • Uberutang

      Because we are suckers and end up paying it?

      • DARK_SETH


        • Fernondo Aiza

          No you guys have forgotten that us prices don’t include vat which can be as high as 30% in some states , European always cry when the EU prices is the same as the us but well all forget tax and shipping ,big difference is the average income in the us and Europe is higher than here in sa

    • NiteFenix

      According to the distributors themselves, there are a lot of costs involved in bringing games and hardware into the country. So if you take import duties/customs costs into account, there will be quite a markup on anything that comes into SA. So at the end of the day its not the distributors or the retailers’ fault, but more the people who bring it in along with the customs authorities.

    • NotExactlyMars

      It’s always been like this and always will be unfortunately. For example 12GB PS3 retails for $199.99 (R2119.89) on Gamestop but locally the retail price is about R2994.00 on Kalahari

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  • Trebzz

    I want you inside me lol. Thank you for this news guys and have a good day.

    • http://www.itfgaming.com/ Darryl Linington

      Always a pleasure!

  • Dillon de Menezes

    look the general consensus in my store is that most people want to wait for at least 6 months to a year before grabbing their PS4 consoles. Reason for this being a (hopefully) lower price, as well as a larger infrastructure with a broader selection of games at a broader selection of prices, in addition to a greater availability of pre-owned games. Regardless, R6,299 is a tad heavy

    • NotExactlyMars

      With that said. You can expect the Xbox One to retail at over R7000.

      • Dillon de Menezes

        Easily. But Microsoft needs to reduce price if they want to compete. It’s that simple

        • NotExactlyMars

          With everything their tacking on there’s no way they’ll drop their price point. I only see a price drop in at least a year

          • Dillon de Menezes

            well honestly even R6,299 is heavy at the moment. Look at the Ps3 for instance, it released at something like R6,499 in SA and didn’t really take off until a few years later. Only now, after several years is it considered a “mainstream” console (well you get my point) in SA. Granted the PS4 is an awesome machine and is probably worth every cent (same goes for XboxOne) but its just not financially viable for a lot of your average SA gamers. i dunno, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just my professional opinion

  • NotExactlyMars

    This is damn fine news guys. My mind was set on paying R5999.00 so this is in no way unexpected for me 😀 can’t wait for December. Canceling ALL holiday plans! Wonder if the family would understand if I dont pitch for Christmas this year

  • NotExactlyMars

    Just a quick look at this from a mathematical point of view. We will be importing from the Europe (Like we usually do) and according to Playstation SA we need to consider the UK pricing (most likely their importing straight from the UK then) which is 350Pounds. The current exchange rate is R15.93. So 350×15.93= R5575.50. Then adding 14% VAT gives a total of R6356.07. Still think it’s not fair?

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      It’s a lot of money, but I’ve been saving since the Feb reveal, and I’m set for December. I might not shave the Movember snor, because I want to rock a porno stache when I pick up my new BeastStation 4.

    • Spathi

      That would give you double tax. The tax amount is already added (to the best of my knowledge) to the EU amount, unlike the US amount. 350 – 20% = 280 pounds. 280 x 15.93 = R 4460.40. + 14% = R 5084-40.

      Make no mistake, we are being screwed.

      • NotExactlyMars

        I don’t see it that way at all. There is no way for us to be sure of how it works. We’ve always been paying way more locally for products than the rest of the world so this doesn’t shock me at all. Since its reveal back in Feb I had my mind set on paying at least R5999 so this doesn’t bother me at all. Im just going on what Playstation SA themselves have said in their comments section. According to them its 350pounds + VAT. But either way I’m happy

        • Spathi

          Dude, R 1300 more is a lot of money to pay. I’m not saying SK is screwing us, or Sony or whom ever, just that we are paying a lot more (as a result of lots of factors, the culmination of which is screwing us). The weak rand doesn’t help at all obviously…

    • justinj

      yes 350 is the uk retail price. do u believe they pay retail for ordering in bulk? u must be profiting from this scheme seeing as u are defending it!

      • NotExactlyMars

        Okay lets for arguments sake say that 350 pounds with VAT included. Where does the retailers and distributors profits, import taxes and all of that jazz come into play seeing as though R6299 is the RRP? Look Im not a financial whizz, this is based off of what Playstation SA’s comments. We can go back and forth about the breakdown of the pricing all day but unless a SK representative drops by and clarifies it we’ll never know. Bottom line (for me) is thats it’s not an unfair price at all.

        • justinj

          from 399usd to 6299zar? itll be cheaper to import it urself

  • http://www.itfgaming.com/ Darryl Linington

    This will most definitely be included in my budget.

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  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Last night was grim when I saw we weren’t on the list. Yet! (insert mighty mouse theme tune) Nitefenix saves the day! Have a bells sir!

    • NiteFenix

      I am the terror that flaps in the night, and yet, I bring sunshine on a cloudy day 😛

  • Sahil Lala

    HAHAHAHA that price…

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