Injustice DLC character run is not done

Tired of Injustice yet? Well the guys here at the ITF office certainly are not. I mean with 4 DLC characters released so far, and a 5th being released soon, the game just remains fresh.

To put emphasis on how awesome we think Injustice is, Darryl just can’t seem to put the controller down when it’s one of the other guys’ turn.

Now imagine our surprise when news was broken via Twitter once again, that the green alien vigilante crime fighter won’t be the last DLC character for this wildly popular fighting game?

Adding to that is the speculation of once again, who this latest DLC character will be, with Ed Boon once again only indicating that the next character is a “fan favourite”.

Most of the fan favourites have already been covered in the form of Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, etc. What else could NetherRealm Studios have up their sleeves?

I suppose we’ll find out soon. Until then, Martian Manhunter will be available to purchase (read, not part of the Injustice Season pass) on the 30th of July.

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