Dark Souls ripped off by Korean mobile game

From Software’s brutal RPG, Dark Souls, appears to have been blatantly ripped off by a Korean mobile game by the name of Blade.

Kotaku reports that Blade has claimed the top spot on the highest grossing chart in South Korea. Unfortunately it seems that developers, 4:33 Creative Lab are now in a bit of trouble after some gamers have noticed quite a glaring connection to Dark Souls. First of all, here’s a comparison between the promotional art for Dark Souls and Blade, respectively. This comes via Game Donga:

Dark Souls ripped off by Korean mobile game

That looks typically Dark Souls-esque. And then there’s this:

Dark Souls ripped off by Korean mobile game

Oh wow, that sure got awkward in a hurry.

But wait, there’s more. It looks like Blade went so far as ripping off the Dark Souls II cinematic trailer too. Check it out below:

And here’s a screen from the Blade clip, which has since been taken down:

Dark Souls ripped off by Korean mobile game

Pretty bad, right?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Kotaku, VG247

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  • http://fancierthanthoupants.org McFancypants HD 3.0

    Ha! Still, From Software should take the Hollywood approach, and let it be. I mean, look at The Asylum with all their rip-offs. Atlantic Rim, Age of Tomorrow…no shame do they have.

    Besides, it’s not as though they’re losing console or PC sales because of this…right?