Bethesda will reveal teased title tomorrow

Bethesda, throughout the last 2 weeks have teased a new title, possibly an all-new IP. They have confirmed that their new title will definitely not be Fallout 4, and throughout this week, their looped teaser videos uploaded to Twitter via the Vine service have been the subject of much speculation from Bethesda fans and interested neutral parties alike.

However, today with the release of their third teaser video on Vine, they have confirmed that their new title will be revealed tomorrow – and these videos will most likely be clarified. Several titles have been named as possible reveals for tomorrow, including the much-delayed Prey 2, or Tango Gameworks’ scantily-detailed survival horror concept, codenamed Project Zwei.

Below are all three Vine teasers, embedded, for your viewing and scrutiny. With all the speculation, we’d love to know what your take is – What do you think Bethesda’s new title will be?

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

Teaser 3:

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