2K is moving Civilization and Borderlands to Steamworks

2K Games has announced that they’re currently formulating plans to migrate a few of their online multiplayer titles away from GameSpy Technology since the service will be shutting down on May 31 2014. Over  800 multiplayer games will be affected by the shut-down, most will lose their online multiplayer functionality though some publishers trying to salvage what they can.

On May 31 however, Borderlands, Civilization III and Civilization IV will be moving their online servers over to Steamworks. All three these games  will be unplayable for a few hours as 2K handles the transition, but the downtime shouldn’t last long.

A few other titles though, aren’t as lucky and will lose any online functionality they may have had once GameSpy goes down. You can check out the list of those unfortunate few over here, but I doubt anyone will be losing sleep over the loss of those titles as most of them are pretty obscure.


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