Games On Launches Gears of War: Judgment with a Boom!

Editor and Photograhy: Brady Ruiters

Judgment Day; well, not really, but actually the day before the release of the long-anticipated instalment in the Gears of War series entitled Gears of War: Judgment. Launch parties taking place before the release of a game are not really a common occurrence in South Africa but luckily for the attendees, they had the opportunity to play the game for a good few hours before being available for purchase.

Games On Launches Gears of War Judgement with a Boom!

The snazzy venue for the event

The event took place on Thursday 21 March at Games On, a local gaming lounge in Cape Town. Aside from just having the game to play; there were free energy drinks, hotdogs and of course, prizes. These were sponsored by MWEB GameZone, Liquid Blast, Prima Interactive and Zombiegamer.

To start things off, Richard van Wyk, owner of Games On welcomed everyone to his very snazzy gaming lounge, while informing all the attendees about the proceedings for the evening.

To kick things off, an 8-player Free-For-All LAN was on the cards with the monitoring and organising being done by Clint O’Shea (or better known as Zombie Dredd). Things picked up immediately with shotgun headshots and chainsaw kills definitely being the frontrunners for favourite kills.

Games On Launches Gears of War Judgement with a Boom!

The fierce competitors

The tournament ran in a double elimination style with the top four players staying in a winner’s bracket while the bottom four players ended up in a loser’s bracket. However, losing once did not knock you out of the running completely; the top four players in the loser’s bracket would battle their way into the final round with the top four from the winner’s bracket. Unfortunately for me, I had made it into the final 8 of the winner’s bracket but was subsequently knocked out twice, ending my pursuit of the final.

The final round was definitely a nail-biter with the top three players keeping up with each other’s scores until the very end. Ultimately, it was Kent Jansen who would walk away with the top spot with Jody Williams and Tarryn van der Byl taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The top 3 all walked away with R250 Kalahari vouchers (which were sponsored by MWEB GameZone) and some Liquid Blast products.

Games On Launches Gears of War Judgement with a Boom!

Richard van Wyk and Bradly Rawlings

However, prizes could be won for just being at the event. Yaqub Asmal and Tatenda Shumba both walked away with R250 Kalahari vouchers sponsored by MWEB GameZone and Zombiegamer after being selected in a lucky draw. The big winner of the night was Bradly Rawlings, who walked away with a brand new Xbox 360 and a copy of the game, courtesy of Prima Interactive, after winning the final lucky draw for the evening. The envy literally swept across the room as he walked up to collect his prize.

The night was definitely a success with each attendee having a ball of a time, vowing to return to Games On to show their support in future. Let’s do this again sometime soon, shall we?

Games On Launches Gears of War Judgement with a Boom!

The attendees enjoying the game

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