Halo 4 tournament wrap-up – A spectacular final

Editor & Photographer: Darryl Linington

After months of waiting, the Halo 4 Tournament results are in!

Halo 4 tournament

Intensity peaked at the offices of Xbox South Africa, on the 9th of February 2013, as the best Halo 4 players from around South Africa gathered in order to determine who will dominate the tournament. The prize, well it is something that some of us have dreamed of attending for many years now, a trip to Gamescom 2013! With four epic Teams and eight Lone Wolves fighting for the prize, all I can say that the atmosphere was absolutely phenomenal!

Battle after battle was played out, with not only the players, but also the audience grinding their teeth through the intensity. One spectator even spent the entire duration of the event standing and shouting out support for his favourite Team and Loan Wolf player. However, in the end, there could only be one Team and one Lone Wolf that would make their way through to Gamescom 2013.

ITF Gaming would like to congratulate to Jsharp (Lone Wolf Winner) and Sick and Sinful (Team Winner) on dominating the tournament. We would also like to congratulate each and every Gamer who made right up until the last few matches… you guys proved that South African Gamers kick-ass!

Halo 4 tournament

ITF Gaming would additionally like to congratulate Xbox South Africa and its PR Manager, Graeme Selvan, and everyone involved for hosting such a successful tournament. We cannot wait for the next one! (Gears of War: Judgement).

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