Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational: MSSA Address

Colin Webster, former president and current General Secretary of Mind Sports South Africa was at the Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational to address the gamers and let them know what the MSSA is doing in South African Gaming. The MSSA’s current general secretary fielded questions from the 12 invited team’s captains, as well as advertising a willingness to discuss any problems with gamers at the event personally.

Some of the issues fielded by Clan Hi5’s @GIJoeSenior were how the MSSA was looking at developing eSports in South Africa, as well as how the organisation had distributed colours and to how many gamers had received provincial or national colours for gaming. Colin’s answer elaborated that the MSSA plans to improve local gaming in a number of ways – including bringing gaming and infrastructure to rural or lower-income areas, giving gamers of all ages and financial groups the opportunity to experience competitive gaming, or gaming at all.

The General Secretary also reiterated that all consoles and platforms are treated equally – as proponents of the same medium, rather than different mediums unto themselves – which elicited a muted murmur amongst the crowd, as competitive platforms tend to be cemented fairly early into their life cycle. However, he insisted that the MSSA would be doing their best to ensure South African Gaming is governed in the most thorough way possible.

Mind Sports South Africa
Next up was Swarley from Vinco Gaming, asking about the rule-sets that were used in MSSA qualifiers, and whether they would continue to use Swiss rulesets, or whether they would be focusing on emulating the rulesets of the world’s most established leagues, such as the American MLG. The answer confirmed that the MSSA will continue using the ruleset that they feel contributes best to the growth of South African gaming – whether it aligns with international standards or not.

Lastly Clint – CS1977 – also from Vinco Gaming asked whether dedicated venues would be established for eSports growth, and whether facilities would be provided for these, as well as whether the MSSA could help in establishing these venues. Colin Webster’s answer was that venues could be established for reduced rates with MSSA registration, due to their affiliation with local government organisations, and that the MSSA would be more than willing to chat with the governing bodies of these venues to aid in creating a user-run venue that would run with the MSSA.

He once again reiterated that any correspondence with the organisation was welcome, and registered players and teams were more than welcome to lodge inquiries with the MSSA, and that he was willing to field questions and conversations at the event today.

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