Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational: Introduction

Saturday, 1st of February – Some of the top Call of Duty clans in South Africa have been invited to compete in a LAN by Afrihost and iventsZA – the Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational. The LAN is currently taking place at the Italian Sports Club in Bedford View, with 12 teams and their coaches set up in the hall. They haven’t just come up for fun and games, however, as there are some awesome prizes on offer:

First Place: R10,000 

Second Place: R6,000 

Third Place: R4,000

All of the top 4 teams get an Afrihost MiFi device worth R1,300, as well as 50gb of data free of charge.

The tournament is a double elimination tournament, where the teams in question are playing double elimination MLG Variant rules, which can be found at this link.

Sponsors of the tournament include Evopoints and Afrihost, both of whom have representatives in attendance. We wish the players the best of luck today. If you’re following the event and would like to see the tournament table, it can be found here.

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