Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational Final

After hours of intense fighting, two teams emerged from the pack to play in the Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational Final, the undefeated Team Adept, and their challengers, Arte Conservatus. aC, who had been beaten 3-0 by Adept earlier in the tournament, thundered their way through the Loser’s Bracket and clawed their way back to the final. Team Adept, however, had swept aside aC, Team Opulence, and Insane Gaming on their way to the clash – which they only had to win 3 rounds in to win the tournament – whereas aC had to win 6 for losing earlier. These would be decided in the following matches:

Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational Final

Domination (Strikez0ne): Team Adept Win

Team Adept quickly raced into the lead, winning the first match on Strikezone by 91 points to 64 against a frenetic aC team. The second round was slightly closer, but Team Adept still hammered home their advantage – winning the second round of Domination by 92 points to Arte Conservatus’ 67. That means Team Adept won the first round by 183 points to aC’s 131.

Search and Destroy (Sovereign): Team Adept Win

Search and Destroy had been aC’s strength throughout the tournament, and it was often what pushed them through – the Final proved this strength, as they were able to match – and in many cases, best Team Adept throughout the round. A late resurgence would prove to debilitate Arte Conservatus excellent efforts in the Search and Destroy, and Team Adept were able to take their momentum through to a 6-4 win. This meant the next match could be the tournament for Team Adept.

Domination (Freight): Team Adept Win

Domination was a hotly contested game mode – both teams were proficient in laying waste to their opposite numbers, so it would all come down to which team could manage the battlefield better, rather than their enemies. Team Adept won the previous Domination match quite comfortably, and aC needed a major resurgence. The first round ended with Adept leading 96-67 – as comfortable as they had been in the first round. The second round started, the spawns changed, and the teams fought fiercely once again – although aC threw all caution to the wind, with one of their players pulling out a Chain SAW to try and level (quite literally) the playing field. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, as they slipped to a 97-66 defeat ( 193-133 total).

Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational Final

Congratulations to Team Adept, you were by far the best team on the day, and went through the Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Tournament relatively unscathed (ignoring the numerous deaths and bullet holes, of course). Well done to all the runners-up, Arte Conservatus in second place, Insane Gaming in third, and Vinco Black in fourth.

The prizes are as follows:
Team Adept – 1st Place – R10,000,
Arte Conservatus – 2nd Place – R6,000
Insane Gaming – 3rd Place -R4,000

Thank you to IventsZA for organising the event, and thank you to Afrihost and Evopoints for sponsoring prizes. We hope to see LANs of this type in the future and more community involvement – it was fantastic to get involved!

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