Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational: Event wrap-up

The Bedford View Italian Club was the place, Saturday the 1st of February was the date – the Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational was set up, and some of South Africa’s top clans were invited – along with us, and the event’s two sponsors, Afrihost and Evopoints. The 12 clans invited were as follows, with links to their social feeds:

Afrihost Crowd

The day got off to an early start; everything had been set up the night before, and when arrived around 8:30, the teams were already connecting their consoles and having warm-up matches. At around 9:00, introductions started – Event Organiser, George Barkie came up on stage to welcome us to the event and let us know how the tournament would be organised. After him, in no particular order, Rickie Ferreira of Evopoints, Colin Webster of Minds Sports South Africa, and Aldo Ronchese from Afrihost had their time on stage to welcome the players to the event and field questions. Darryl also had some time on stage to introduce ITF Gaming, and after he came off, the tournament was just about ready to begin.

Then the bullets started flying and our coverage started flowing ¬†– the #AFRIgHOSTLan hashtag on Twitter and articles on the site will attest to that. Some highly competitive matches took place, such as the match between Vinco Black and Opulence, where Vinco came back from 2-0 down to win 3-2, or Adept’s 3-2 win, also against Opulence, which threatened to go both ways throughout. However, the match of the day would have to be Vinco Black vs. Arte Conservatus – which was by far the most heated and passionate match of the tournament.

VnCO Crowd
The match started in Vinco Black’s favour, as they took the advantage in Domination (Sovereign), winning by 156 points to aC’s 143. aC quickly brought the score back to 1-1, beating their opposition by a convincing 6-2 margin in Search and Destroy on Octane. Vinco hit back again, winning a Blitz match on Warhawk by 9 captures to 6, although for most of the round the teams were capture-for-capture. Heading into Domination on Octane, aC had to win to stay in the tournament, and they delivered, beating Vinco Black by the same margin as Vinco had won by on Sovereign – 156-143. Heading into the final game, a Search and Destroy match on Freight, the atmosphere was tense, as both the players’ wits and the match was on a knife-edge.

Search and Destroy – one of Arte Conservatus’ strengths – was always going to be a tough round. aC were far stronger when defending and were able to break Vinco Black on the attack, running out 6-4 winners from the incredibly tight match, and therefore 3-2 winners of their round. Amongst these matches, there were outbursts. liberal uses of trash-talk, and some inspirational play – a prime example of how much these two teams wanted the win.

Throughout the day, the event was provided with food so that players, spectators and VIPs could keep going, and there was an open bar to make sure no one went thirsty (although alcohol wasn’t permitted on the tab – something that can only be considered a smart choice, given how heated some of the matches got). The food and drink was necessary, however, as the players were at the Italian Club from 8:30 or earlier, all the way into the early hours of February the 2nd. By the time we left, the remaining attendees were surviving off the latter end of a sugar rush, or beginning to crash themselves.

Adept Damage Action

Of course, all of this is a sign of just how good the tournament was; the fact that the tournament barely lost momentum throughout its 16-hour length, and that there were spectators present right until the doors closed show just how great an event IventsZA, in conjunction with Afrihost and Evopoints, were able to organise. A congratulations has to go out to Team Adept for winning the tournament, as well as the R10,000 prize, which they’ll receive within the next few weeks. They were the best on the day, and showed this in their 3-0 thrashing of Arte Conservatus in the final, which led to a 6-0 aggregate against their runners-up.

Thanks to IventsZA – particularly George Barkie – for organising a truly incredible tournament which ran very smoothly. A big thanks has to go out to IventsZA for inviting us, Afrihost for sponsoring the tournament and making it possible, and Evopoints for sponsoring prizes and making an appearance. The Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational was a massive success, and we hope to see more of these tournaments in the future.

Now moved on, Bracken is an aspiring tech and gaming journalist. Is anyone even reading this?

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