2upGamers 9th Zone: Kicking Off Spring In Style

Editor & Photography: Brady Ruiters


It’s a slightly warm-ish day in Cape Town; well, the evening wasn’t bad either. It’s also the first Friday of September and that can only mean one thing: a 2upGamers event! It’s definitely become one of the things that I look forward to each month.

This event, titled the 9th Zone, took place at the Parow Golf Club in well, Parow. After the setup had been completed and all the attendees had taken their seats, Glenn from 2upGamers welcomed everyone to this new venue. He then informed everyone about the evening’s proceedings.


After the initial welcome, a few big announcements were let loose. First of all, Andrew from the magazine, Popular Mechanics was present at this gathering and brought a bunch of magazines for everyone in attendance. Glenn then revealed some details about the 10th 2upGamers event. The guys from Ozone will be opening the doors of their warehouse to 2upGamers for future gatherings. In addition to it being at the warehouse, attendees will also be able to buy a case of Ozone Energy Drink at a discounted price. A perfect way to keep you awake for those all-nighter gaming sessions. There will also be a 128 man FIFA 13 tournament at the next event, so whoever wants to compete and will be attending better brush up on their skills. Also, due to the amount of gamers attending rAge in Johannesburg next month, the 2upGamers event will take place on Friday the 12th of October as opposed to it happening on the 5th.

One of the guests of the evening, Rectron were unable to make it the 9th Zone in time, despite Glenn’s stalling for them. However, it was announced that Rectron products would be available for purchase at future events.

Wikus from Ozone Energy was next to step up to the microphone. He explained that their product had not yet reached the store shelves as their team had been hard at work designing a new logo for the South African version of the product. Ozone Energy Drink is expected to launch around mid-September. Wikus also mentioned the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Paintball day taking place at G-Force Paintball; 50 spots are available and Ozone will be covering half of the entry fee. How awesome is that?


After all had been said, everyone was let loose upon the food platters. Needless to say, there was quite a crowd around the tables. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was in the Ozone Circle this time around and the tournament was rather intense with many close matches. eGamer ran their FIFA tournament once again, where the fans of the game played until it was close to the ending time of the event.

Of course, no 2upGamers gathering would be complete without prizes. The guys from Rectron sent a bag of goodies that caused the room to go into quite a buzz. Some of the prizes from the bag went to the winners of the Kinect Tennis Matches. The winners of the FIFA Tournament were lucky enough to walk away with tickets to the FIFA 13 Launch at the MWEB M-Cave taking place towards the end of September.


As always, it was a fun night. There was good food, games to be played and many laughs to be had. See you at rAge and then another 2upgamers after that!

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