About Us

ITF Gaming (Ink To Flames Gaming) was originally founded by Darryl Linington, the current editor-in-chief, in 2010. While ITF Gaming was one of the only South African based gaming publication that operated on Facebook alone, it slowly began to form into something much larger. While Facebook was the platform of choice, the readers suggested building an online publication; however, the work load was too much for one person to handle, which lead to Darryl Linington enlisting the help of Brady Ruiters, part-owner and editor of ITF Gaming, in order make things progress much smoother.

With the publication growing larger each month… Chris Joubert, Asheigh Venter, William Mabin, Bracken Lee-Rudolph and Jonathan Bester joined the team due to their enthusiasm for the concept. While Chris and Jonathan only contribute on a part-time basis now, the publication is still growing stronger.

Over the past 3 years ITF Gaming has reached many of its goals, we now have a plethora of video game reviews, tech reviews, editorials and a great team on board. We would like to thank each and every one of our readers for sticking it out with us through the years… we promise you we will be around for a very long time.

Feel the need to contact us for any media queries, advertising rates or any other query please contact Darryl Linington at Darryl_Linington@itfgaming.com

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